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laboratory safety

General lab safety read entire lad procedure before you begin
when do you start an experiment only perform the assigned experiment when the teacher has given you permission
personal safety always wear closed toe shoes
what should you wear for safety safety goggles and a lab coat
chemical safety never taste any chemicals
General lab safety only bring necessary materials into the lab area
what is the most common type of cloth you should wear wear clothes made of cotton
what shouldn't you do while working on an experiment do not touch your face while conducting an experiment
what should you do with your hands use hands to waft fumes toward your nose
Glassware, heating, electrical safety do not use glassware with cracks or chips
where should the test tube be point towards point the opening of the test tube away from yourself and others
why shouldn't you inhale any of the gas or vapors because it could be toxic
General lab safety you should know where all the emergency equipment is at
Glassware, heating, electrical safety never insert tubing into a rubber stopper
chemical safety avoid contaminating sock solutions
why is it bad to have a damaged cord? because your equipment will not work right
what is personal safety? safety that will only affect what happens to you
what is chemical safety? proper ways to handle chemicals
Glassware, heating, electrical safety safety with equipment
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