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Review Module 11

Module 11 Review Exploring Creation with Biology

In which category are the vast majority of animals: vertebrates or invertebrates? Invertebrates
What is the symmetry of the following: flatworm, jellyfish, snail, sponge, eagle, mushroom. bilateral, radial, bilateral, none, bilateral, radial,
In which phylum is the sponge? Porifera
How do sponges get their prey? What do they eat? By pulling water into themselves with the collar cells (choanocytes) Algae, bacteria, organic debris
If a sponge is hard, does it have spongin or spicules? What is the purpose of these substances? Spicules. Support for the sponge.
What roles do amoebocytes have in the anatomy of a sponge? Help digest and transport nutrients, help carry waste to be excreted, bring gases such as oxygen to the cells, and form the spicules or spongin
What is a gemmule and when is it produced? It is a cluster of cells with a hard coating that is produced by a sponge to survive harsh conditions.
What are nematocysts and how can they be triggered? Nematocysts are small capsules that contain a toxin. They can be triggered by pressure or chemically.
What are the dual lives of the jellyfish? They live in the polyp and medusa forms of Cnidarians.
If a jellyfish reproduces sexually, what form is it in? Medusa
What is a coral reef? Large colony of corals with many dead skeletons under the live corals.
Name the internal organs of the earthworm. Review the Study Guide illustration!
In what mating stage is an earthworm that is very slimy near the clitellum.? It has recently mated, but has not yet made a cocoon.
What are the reproductive similarities and differences between an earthworm and hydra? The earthworm is hermaphroditic and the hydra can be as well. The hydra can mate with itself, but the earthworm cannot.
Why don't planarians need circulatory systems? The intestines are so highly branched, all cells are near it and can get their food directly from it.
What is the main mode of asexual reproduction in planarians? Regeneration
In which phylum is the clam? Mollusca
In which phylum is the flatworm? Platyhelminthes
In which phylum is the jellyfish? Cnidaria
In which phylum is the segmented sea worm? Annelida
In which phylum is the sea anemone? Cnidaria
In which phylum is the snail? Mollusca
In which phylum is the coral? Cnidaria
In which phylum is the Christmas Tree Worm? Annelida
Which phylum has organisms with nematocysts? Cnidaria
An earthworm's seminal vesicles are full. Has it mated? Yes
What is the cuticle in an earthworm? Moist layer covering the epidermis that allows respiration, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Describe the nervous and digestive systems of parasitic members of the phylum Platyhelminthes They have simple nervous systems because they do not have to search for food and their digestive systems are simple because they are eating partially digested food
What is the common mode of reproduction in phylum Cnidaria? Budding
What is the common mode of reproduction in phylum Platyhelminthes? Regeneration
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