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Ch18: Marketing

Chapter 18: Visual Merchandising & Display

all the physical elements used to project an image to customers visual merchandising
visual and artistic aspects of presenting a product to a target group display
A general idea or thought about something concept
a store's sign, logo, marquee, banners, awnings, windows, and the exterior design, ambiance and landscaping storefront
architectural canopy that extends over a store's entrance marquee
ways that store uses floor space to facilitate and promote sales and serve customers store layout
main installations in a store; permanent or movable store furnishings that hold and display merchandise fixtures
consumer sales promotion devices; manufactured units that hold, display, or dispense products point-of-purchase displays
interactive point-of-purchase displays kiosks
a chart in which complementary colors (or their names) are arranged on opposite sides of a circle color wheel
found opposite each other on color wheel; used to create high contrast complementary colors
located next to each other on color wheel and share same undertones; analogous colors adjacent colors
three colors equally spaced on the color wheel triadic colors
an area in the display that attracts attention first, above all else focal point
relationship between and among objects in a display proportion
large items with large items; small with small; large on one side, large on the other formal balance
several small items with one large one informal balance
moving a viewer's attention from one part of the display to another direction
smooth or rough; the look of the surfaces on display texture
animation; use to accentuate, no overpower the merchandise motion
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