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Ch14: Marketing

Chapter 14: Presenting the Product

fixed boundaries or limits parameters
characteristic feature
words the average customer can understand layman's terms
concerns, hesitations, doubts, reasons a customer has for not buying objections
reasons for not buying; sometimes hard to distinguish between objections & excuses excuses
discuss the pros and cons of an issue debate
lists common objections and possible responses objection analysis sheet
need, product, source, price, time common objections
listen carefully; acknowledge the objections; restate the objections; answer the objections 4 step process for handling objections
restate something in a different way paraphrase
recommending a different product that would satisfy customer needs substitution method
brings the objection back to the customer as a selling point boomerang method
permits salesman to acknowledge objections as valid yet still off-set them with other features & benefits superior-point method
make up for; make amends for compensate
using a previous customer or neutral person to give a testimonial third-party method
a refusal to believe or accept denial
substitution; boomerang; superior-point; third-party specialized methods of handling objections
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