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ACT Vocabulary 11

Abet to encourage or assist(usually in offence to justice or law)
Agile characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace
Antidote something that relieves the effects of poison
Ascertain to find out definitely; to determine
Benevolence kindness, generosity, charity
Desolate deserted, without inhabitants, barren
Din loud and discordant, cacophony
Dissuade to advise against, to talk out of
Distend to expand, to swell
Enervation weakness
Eulogy Praise or Tribute
Fitful irregular
Indelible cannot be removed, washed away or erased
Inert unable to move or to act, sluggish
Malevolence ill will or evil intentions
Obliterate to remove all traces of;to destroy completely; to cancel
Ornate excessively decorated
Paucity scarcity, fewness of number, dearth
Piety devotion and reverence to God
Precarious dangerous, risky, not a secure situation
Prosaic commonplace, uninspired, banal
Quiescent inactive, dormant
Scintillating sparkling, shining, or flashing
Squalid filthy in appearance, sordid
Vexation discomfort or distress
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