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Budget Vocabulary

Vocabulary terms for Exploring Careers unit on Budget

A written, itemized summary of expenses and income for a given time period. A plan for spending money. Budget
Financial trust extended to a person or business by a lender. A loan. Credit
An amount deducted from a bank account Debit
The abbreviation for Federal Insurance Contributions Act, also known as Social Security. FICA
An organization that collects funds from the public to place in financial assets such as stocks, bonds, money markets, bank deposits, or loans Financial Institution
Total pay or earnings over a one-year period, before any deductions have been made. Gross Annual Income
Total pay or earnings in a month, before any deductions have been made. Gross Monthly Income
A portion of a person's personal income that is paid to the government. Income Tax
Payment for the cost of using someone else's money, usually expressed as an annual percentage rate. Interest
A social insurance program that extends health coverage to almost all Americans age 65 and over. Medicare
A loan to buy property, such as a house or condominium, where the property is the security for the repayment of the loan. Mortgage
Amount of income that one has to spend in a year, after all deductions have been made Net Annual Income
Amount of income remaining to spend in a month, after all deductions have been made. Net Monthly Income
A tax paid to local government based on the value of one's property Property Tax
A percentage tax imposed on the retail price of most items you purchase. Sales Tax
A federal retirement plan in which the working generation contributes to support retired workers, survivors and disabled. Social Security
A required payment to the government Tax
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