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Financial matters

A stack to practise using words associated with financial matters

relative (adj) considered in relation to something else; comparative; относительный, сравнительный
to be encouraged to give support to; be favorable to; вдохновлять, воодушевлять
consistent (adj) agreeing or accordant; compatible; not self-contradictory; последовательный; совместимый, согласующийся
top down approach An investment approach that involves looking at the "big picture" in the economy and financial world and then breaking those components down into finer details; from general to specific
bottom up approach An investment approach that de-emphasizes the significance of economic and market cycles. This approach focuses on the analysis of individual stocks; from specific to general
to implement investment to carry out investment;
knock-on effect a chain reaction; result; consequence
fierce competition intense competition
to caution to warn предупреждать
to decline to go down; to fall
to face up to smth to meet something or someone especially boldly
substantial of considerable amount, quantity, size, etc.
to maintain to keep
capital expenditure (n) an addition to the value of fixed assets, as by the purchase of a new building.
depreciation fund A fund set up by a company to provide money to buy new fixed assets; амортизационный фонд
urgency importance; necessity
receivables счета дебиторов; дебиторская задолженность
outstanding balance Amount currently owed on a debt; сальдо задолженности
payables подлежащий оплате
paid-in-capital contributed capital; оплаченная часть акционерного капитала
share capital акционерный капитал
return on equity the amount of profit computed by dividing net income before taxes less preferred dividends by the value of stockholders' equity, usually expressed as a percentage. ROE; доходы от акций/ценных бумаг
leverage situation соотношение м/д собственными и заемными средствами
mental note special attention with intent to remember
retained profit нераспредеоенная прибыль
interest expenses затраты на выплату процентов или вложенный капитал
inventory запас, резерв
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