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pht 101 c2p4

chapter 2 part 4

One drug can have an effect on the action of another
Foods and other substances such as alcohol and nicotine can interact with drugs
Common ways a substance can interact is by inducing or inhibiting enzymes that metabolize the drug
A Common Drug Relationship Addition is the combined effect of 2 drugs equaling the sum of the effect of each drug taken alone
A Common Drug Relationship Antagonism is when the action of one drug negates the action of another
Potentiation is an effect that happens when a drug increases or prolongs the action of another drug, and the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects of each drug used alone
Synergism is the joint action of drugs in which their combined effect is more intense or longer in duration than the sum of their individual effect
Prescribers and pharmacists need a complete list of all prescription drugs, OTC medications, and herbal remedies a patient is taking
Pharmacy technician should routinely ask for a complete list of all prescription drugs, OTC medications, and herbal remedies a patient is taking
prophylaxis effect of a drug in preventing infection or disease
indication the diseases, symptoms, and conditions for which a drug is known to be of benefit
side effect secondary responses to a drug other than the primary therapeutic effect for which the drug was intended
allergic response an instance in which the immune system overreacts to an otherwise harmless substance
dependence a state in which a person's body has adapted physiologically and psychologically to a drug and cannot function without it
addiction a dependence characterized by a perceived need to take a drug to attain the psychological and physical effects of mood-altering substances
tolerance a decrease in response to the effects of a drug due to its continued administration
interaction the situation in which one drug alters the action of another drug; foods, alcohol, and nicotine can also interact with drugs
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