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Caroline ch. 11


______ forms the posterior portion of the oral cavity. Oropharynx
How many adult teeth are in the mouth in a normal adult 32
________ is a small horseshoe shaped bone to which the jaw, apiglottis and thyroid cartilage attach as well hyoid bone
what is the superior border of the glotic opening called epiglottis
What is the anatomic space or ''pocket'' located between the base of the tongue and the epiglottis called vallecula
a sheild shaped structure formed by 2 plates that join in a v-shape to form tha adams apple is called thyroid cartilage
What forms the lowest portion of the larynx cricoid cartilage
the site for emergency surgical access to the airway is called cricothyroid membrane
A spasmodic closure of the vocal cords, which seals of the airway is called laryngospasm
An et tube that is inserted to far will often come to lie in the right mainstem bronchus. Why? Because the right bronchus is somewhat shorter and streighter then the left bronchus
All of the blood vessels and bronchi enter each lunc at the hilum
The right lung has how many lobes 3
the left lung has how many lobes 2
what is the name of the lining that lines the inside of the thoracic cavity. Parietal pleura
What is the name of the outer lining of the lungs visceral pleura
Alveoli are lined with a proteinaceous substance known as Surfactant
If the amount of pulmonary surfactant is decreased or the alveoli are not inflated, they will collapse. A condition known as atelectasis
what 2 types of motor nerves effect breathing Phrenic nerves, intercoastal nerves
The exchange of gases between the lungs and the blood cells in the pulmonary capillaries is referred to as External respiration
The exchange of gases between the blood cells and the tissues is referred to as Internal respiration
Gas exchange in the body occurs by _______ a process in which a gas moves from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration diffusion
~ how much of the bodies total oxygen is bound to the hemoglobin 97 %
Carbon Monoxide has a much greater affinity for hemoglobin then oxygen. How much greater 250 times
A deficiency of red blood cells, that results in a chronically decreased ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Name the desease Anemia
If CO2 production exceeds the body's ability to eliminate it by ventiliation th co2 rises causeing a condition known as hypoventilation
When co2 elimination exceeds co2 production this causes a condition known as Hyperventilation
What is hypercarbia a co2 build up in the blood
what is hypocarbia a low level of co2 in the blood
What is dyspnea difficulty breathing
what is hypoxemia a decrease in arterial o2 levels
what is hypoxia a lack of oxygen to the body's cells and tissues.
What is anoxia an absence of oxygen resulting in cellular and tissue death
What is orthopnea positional dyspnea
Name some protective reflexes of the airway coughing, sneezing, and gagging
Name a fairly reliable indicator of a gag reflex eyelash reflex
What does sighing do to the alveoli it hyperinflates the lungs, therby reexpanding atelectatic alveoli
What is carboxyhemoglobin hemoglobin with carbon monoxide attached
What is oxyhemoglobin hemoglobin with oxygen attached
What position would you place a patient with a decreased LOC but able to maintain their own spontaneous airway and breathing adequately recovery position
Airway obstructions cause by larngeal spasm or edema MAY be relieved by what? Aggressive ventilation, a forceful upward pull of the jaw to reposition the airway, and certain cases muscle relaxants.
Aspiration significantly increases mortality
What is the maximum suction time in an adult 15 seconds.
A nonrebreather delivers what % oxygen 90-100%
A nasal cannula is to be set at ___ delivering what % o2 1-6L 24-44%
ventilation rate in an apneic adult patient with a pulse 10-12 breaths a minute
ventilation rate in an apneic adult patient without a pulse 8-10 breaths a minute
ventilation rate in an apneic pediatric patient with a pulse 12-20 breaths a minute
ventilation rate in an apneic pediatric patient without a pulse 8-10 breaths a minute
Name one of the most common mistakes in proceeding with advanced airway management proceeding with advanced management without first trying bls airway
How long should you ventilate before attempting intubation 2-3 minutes with 100% O2
What size ET tube will the normal adult female require 7.0 - 8.0mm
What size ET tube will the normal adult male require 7.5 - 8.5mm
What can you use as a good approximation of the diameter of the glottic opening the internal diameter of a nostril
What is the streight blade called miller
what is the curved blade called macintosh
Medications that can be given via the ET tube follow what numonic? LEAN Lidocain, Epinephrine, Atropine, Narcan
Meds given via the et tube should be given how many times their standard dose 2-2.5 times
When attempting intubation don't allow your O2 sat to drop below _____ 95%
Before intubating always check that your bulb on your blade is ______ Bright, White, Steady and Tight
What is the BURP maneuver Backward Upward Rightward Pressure
Immediately after successful intubation you should hyperventilate your patient for how long, and why 30 sec - 1 minute to eliminate any accumulated Carbon Dioxide
capnography may be inaccurate in what patients Patients in cardiac arrest, who are severly acidotic, or patients eliminating minimul carbon dioxide
How much smaller should the ET tube being inserted into a nostril be, then the nostril it is going into 1-1.5mm
What is the first rule to remember about tracheobronchial suctioning Don't do it if you don't have to
You should use uncuffed et tubes in the field untill the patient reaches what age 8-10 years
Trouble shooting acute deterioration of and intubated patient uses what mnemonic DOPE = Displacement Obstruction Pneumothorax Equipment failure
A multilumen tube is indicated in what size range patient 5-7 ft
A small adult combitube can be used on patients as short as 4ft
What do analgesics do Decrease the perception of pain
What do sedative-hypnotics do induce sleep and decrease anxiety
For a patient to be hemodynamically stable they should have a bp greater then 90mm hg
An open cric is contraindicated in patients less then 8 years old
What size et tube do you use in a cric 6.0mm
What size needle do you use in a needle cric 14-16 gauge
Created by: klindley
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