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Finals For English 9

English 9 Study Guide

Receding Becoming more distant
Disarming Lessening fears
Prolonged Extended
Imprudent Unwise
Surmounted Overcame
Unruffled Calm
Invariable Always
Diverting Entertaining
Impulse Sudden desire to do something
Protruding Sticking out
Precluded Prevented
Impunity Freedom of punishment
Retribution Punishment
Immolation Destruction
Connoisseurship Expert knowledge
Impose Take advantage of
Recoiling Moving back
Endeavored Tried
Obstinate Stubborn
Succession Series
Instigates Urges onto negative action
Agile Moving with ease
Depreciate Lessen value
Cascade Waterfall
Ransacking Searching Throughly
Discreet Showing good judgement
Scrutiny Close inspection
Nimble Quickly moving
Coveted Longer-for
Singed Burned
Dangling Modifiers Doesn't clearly modify a word
Misplaced Modifiers Seems to modify wrong word
Concrete noun Used by senses
Abstract noun Not used by senses
Collective noun Names a group
Predicate Nominatives Word that identifies the subject
Predicate Adjective Adjectives that modifies subject
Created by: ZahiraG