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Dental Materials 164

unit 5 PIMA

Using the amount of water in your mix of dental stone would... lengthen the setting time produce thiner mix produce weaker cast
Bypsum products set faster when... reduce the water/powder ratio
If chemical shortens the setting time of gypsum it is called... accelerator
Potasium sulfate is added to gypsum productto... Allelerate set and reduce expansion
A dental stone cast is_____ than plaster cast... stronger
In mixing gypsum product it is recomended that... powder should be sifted into the water
During setting, a plaster cast will... expand
In pouring stone should be added at only one corner of an impression to prevent... air on water from being trapped on the surface of the cast
Plaster may be used... 2 as study models attach models to articulators
High strength dental stone (class II improved) is used... to make dies
Dental stone is calcuim sulfate hemhydrate
The heat which is given off during a chemical reaction is termed... exothermic heat
______ _____has the lowest water to poeder ratio... die stone
The strength and hardness of gypsum madel or cast depends on... water-powder ratio and porosity of cast
____, ____, _____ would shorten (decrease) setting time of plaster stone... use of warm water increasing the rate of spatulation decrease water powder ratio use of accelerators
TorF? It's desiriable to allow plaster or stone to set for 45-60 minutes before removing the cast from the impression... True
TorF? Trapped air in the mix of stone or plaster will appear raised on the model... False
Gypsum products should be mixed to a ____ consistensy... creamy
TorF? All of the different types of gypsum products have different water powder ratio... True
TorF? Moisture is not a consern when storing gypsum products False
Created by: Urania