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Dental Materials 164

unit 4 PIMA

TorF? A flexible impression material is restricted to application in areas where no undercuts are present... False
Agar reversible hydrocollold water cooled trays
Alginate stock trays (perforated rim lock)
Rubber impression tripple tray, stock plastic
TorF? Air bubbles or voids on impressions will appear on model or cast... True
__________ is not an elastomeric impression material... Compound
When adhesive is placed in impression trays... holds material in place
TorF? Hotter room temp will lengthen the setting time... False
After removing alginate impression from the mouth operator should... rinse impression to remove saliva, blood, and debris
When taken final impression of abutment teeth for fixed bridgework, what materials may be used... 5 polysulfide polyether polyvinylsiloxane agar reversible hydrocolloid condensation silicone
Alginate impression make a _____ mold... negative
Agar hydrocolloid impression material gels by circulating... cool water in tray
Although there is no adequate method of storing an impression obtained with hydrocolloid material, to help prevent dimensional change... 3 place in humidor wrap in disinfected pour impression immediately
Syneresis means... loss of fluid
Proper method for removal OF hydrocolloid impression in order to minimize permanent detormation involves... removing with a snap
TorF? Elastrometric rubber impression material is used with water-cooled trays... False
The major disadvantage of impression obtained with hydrocolloid impression material is... lack of dimersional stability
TorF? Irreversible hydrocolloid impression material is most commonly used impression material for study models... True
Alginate is _____ hydrocolloid impression... Irreversible
Mixing alginate impression material , the use of cold water will... increase the setting time
TorF? Alginate powder cup should be overfilled and the powder pressed firmly into cup of compaction... False
TorF? Cotton rolls should be used to isolate the area prior to placement of the tray... False
"normal" or "regular" set alginate takes 10min to set mouth temp... False
When mixing alginate, excess water in the water powder ratio will cause... 3 decreased strength longer setting time thinner
An interocclusal record may be accomplished with... 4 putty polyvinylsiloxane rubber impression material limihated wax laminated wax
Elastromeric impression materials are classified according to their viscosity. __________ viscosity is needed to record marginal detail after the removal of retaction cord... Low viscosity (syringe material)
A "hydrophyllic" polyvinylsiloxane impression material is advantageous because... 4 It is not adversely affected by contact with blood or saliva. The material spreads evenly over moist surfaces (teeth) without developing voids in the final impression. Marginal detail is improved. Voids in the stone cast are reduced.
Impression must be_________ before they are handled in the laboratory... Disinfected
Some rubber impression materials use a dispenser with a trigger-type handle and movable plunger that blends syringe base and catalyst. What type of syringe is this... Extruder gun system
The impression material that has the greatest dimensional stability after removal... Vinyl polsiloxanes
Final impressional, impression of opposing arch bite regristration is accomplished at the time the ____ ____(____ ______) technique... double arch (triple tray)
Created by: Urania