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Dental Materials 164

unit 3 PIMA

Zinc phosphate cement is used... 2 For final cementation of crowns and bridges As a sedative agent
Zinc oxide-eugenol cement is used as a... 2 Cement to attach temporary crowns Sedative base
TorF? Resin cements are used to Lute porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns and bond orthodontic brackets... True
What Cement(s) have demonstrated the ability to adhere to teeth... Zoe Glass ionomers
_________ is placed with a cotton pellet... Copal varnish
TorF? Zinc phosphate, glas ionomer, ZOE cement, and resin cements may be used for final (permanent) cementation of crowns... False
_________ would not be considered high strength base? calcium hydroxide
_________ materials may be used over pulp exposures... calcium hydroxide
__________ material helps promote formation of secondary dentin... calcium hydroxide
What is the primary reason why zinc phosphate is not used much anymore... Pulpal irritation
What cement would be most irritating to the pulp... Zinc phosphate
Best method for control setting time of zinc phosphate cements is... Temp of mixing slab
TorF? Use of less powder in poeder to liquid ratio will shorten the setting time... False
The consisteray of zinc phosphate is correct for cementation (luting) when mix... strings an inch above the slab
If water evaporates from liquid of zinc phosphate cement... setting time is retarded
________ is not considered a lutting cement for permanent restoration ZOE (Zinc Oxide Eugenol)
What should be done if exess cement powder is left on the mixing slab... throw away
Factors that lengthen or retard the setting time of zinc phosphate... 3 mixed on cooled slab (65-68 degree) small increment powder mix on large area
TorF? Glass ionomer is used cementation of crown, bridges, ortho brackets, pit and fissures of sealants... True
Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement should not be use directly to... composites
Zinc phosphate 60-90sec
ZOE 22min
Calcium hydroxide 10-15min
Cavity barnish is applied to seal the _______in cavity prep... dentinal tubules
Is a anticariogenic found in glass ionomers, resin, etc... Flouride
Placement of varnish on the dentin of prep tooth... 4 air dry between applications place on floor and wall of preparation two coats minimum use cotton pallet
Intermidiate restoration provide extended period of clinical observation for a tooth with questionable prognosis... IRM
TorF? Cavity varnish should be placed under calcium hydrovide... True
Created by: Urania