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Dental Materials 164

unit 2 PIMA

The combination of two metals... Alloy
Discoloration of amalgam restoration... Tarnish
Combination of any metal or alloy... Amalgam
An instrument for carrying small masses of freshly mixed amalgam to place in cavity... Amalgam Carrier
An instrument for carving a freshly placed amalgam... Amalgam Carver
Uniting liquid mercury with alloy... Amalgamation
A devise for mixing alloy with mercury to produce amalgam... Amalgamator
An instrument for packing amalgam in cavity prep... Amalgam plugger or condensor
Metal stainless steel, adapted to a prep cavity to supply missing wall... Amalgam Matrix
Mixing of alloy with mercury... Trituration
Placing of amalgam into prep cavity... Condensation
What is the process by which acrylic resins hardens... Polymerization (curing)
Ideally the set amalgam should do what... Have little dimensional change
What fillers may be added to composites to make them radiopaque on a radiograph... Barium glass or Zirconium
Anticariogenic properties of silicate is due to _____ present.... Flouride
What solution is used to acid etch... Phosphoric acid
Bonding agents placed under restoration have been found to... Reduce microleakage
TorF? A stift metal spatula is used to mix most composites... False
Acid etching of enamel by 30% to 50% solution or gel of phosphoric acid improves... The retention of resin restoration and sealants to the tooth
Etched emamel appears... Dull and frosty and whiter than the rest of the tooth
Estnetic matenals developed to restore severaly eroded cervical areas include... Glass Ionomers
The mercury/alloy ratio is_______ spill mercury to one pallet of alloy if the minimal mercury technique... one
Amalgam failures may occur in the form of... recurrent caries fracture dimensional change
Amalgam that fractures usually do so... during the first 24hrs after insertion
The purpose of trituration is to... mix each alloy particle to mercury
Moisture contamination of amalgam may cause... void in final restoration
If, after the alloy and mercury has been triturated, it is crumbly and dull appearance it may have been... under mixed
___________ is toxic, is liquid at room temp and changes to vapor if heated... mercury
A health hazard of handling mercury is... absorption of mercury through skin inhalation vapors inhalation airborne inhalation particles
Preventive selants placed on... occlusal surface
TorF? Use of non-flouride prophy paste is preferred to a flounde prophy paste when cleansing the tooth before placing a pit and fissure sealant... True
Contradiction for pit and fissure sealants includes... deep caries smooth tooth surfaces restrictions in occlusal surfaces
Application of a sealant requires all of the following except... Application of fluoride immediately before etching
TorF? The sealant must have a high viscosity to easily flow into the fissure... False
TorF? If salivary contamination of tooth surfaces occurs after etching, or if the etched enamel is not frosty or whiter than non etched enamel, re-etch and rinse the area... True
TorF? If salivary contamination of tooth surfaces occur after etching, or if etched enamel is not frosty or whiter than non etched enamel, re-etch and rinse area... True
The most common cause of overhangs on a class II amalgam restoration is... Improper contouring placement of matrix band and wedge
The primary reason for polishing an amalgam restoration is to... Reduce surface irregulation
Amalgam is condensed into a prep tooth by using following dental instrument... Amalgam plugger
Created by: Urania
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