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Midwife's apprentice

Heedless Careless, thoughtless, unmindful
Unnourished Not having enough supply , not healthy
Rank bad smell
wimple a women's head cloth
midwife a person trained to assist a women when she's in labor.
apprentice A person who works for another person to get better at a certain skill
lest to fear of something
stanching to stop the flow of
Ale beer, but light beer
ember piece of wood or coal that is still on
curdled spoil;turn sour
Haggling to bargain
Borage a plant used in medicinally and in salads
Whiffler a person who frequently shifts opinions, attitudes and interests
Comfrey any hair plant having blue purplish-pink or white flowers
Corpus a large or complete of writings; a dead body
Mallows A garden plant
Threshing to separate, the grain or seed by beating
Tunic a gown like outer garment, a long shirt
Quivered To shake or tremble
Casks a container made and shaped like a barrel
Fermenting excitement
Writhing to twist your body about or squirm in pain
Mewling to cry or whimper
Betook to cause to go
Created by: melissamm