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pobf final rev. pt3


Next quarter TEd projected his biz revenue for next quarter will be $9000. what kind of financhial planning is this
Kate said the he biz will make $7000. what type of planning
Tonya projected that her biz expenses for next six months should be around $2500. What kind of financial planning?
Ford found that it can afford to start selling cars that can look like a living room on wheels. What kind of finachial planning expansion
Sears found the afforability to start selling self cleaning stoves expansion
Paul looked at his company's bidget for six months and determined that it is spending less on utilities. what type of budget operating
Jack reviewed his company's budget for 6 months and determined ehat he spends more on credit card purchases operating
Tonya Compared revenue of $30,000 of $22,000 to determine whether her biz had a net income or loss income statement
Food lion's revenie last year was $98000 and it paid out $103000
Created by: Wes@school