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pobf final rev. pt2

4.02-4.03 stuff

Southern life insurance company makes money on selling specific sercives such as policies instead of retaining their customers' money. This is an ecample of which type of financhial institution Non-depository
Mary prefers a relatively safe investment that will allow her to withdraw monet without losing any of her pricipal. Which is the best incestment choice for Mary? Money market account
Direct Finance Company's primary function is to use its own money insread of customers' savings to provide loans to other businesses. This is an example of which type of financhial institution? Non-depository
Jennifer prefers a finnacial institution that will meet her business need such as access to checking options, credit cards, and loans. which charecteristic of financhial institutions does she prefer services
An investor prefers a finnacial institution that offers access to local branches and ATM machines near her home and job convenience
Sarah purchased school supplies with a store gift card of $300 electronic
todd gave Intrek computer services a personal check for which his bank garunteed. what type of payment certified check
First step in writing a chek write appropriate info in check register
a sotre offers shares of stock to incestors at a consistent rate of 6% w/o voting right. What type of stock prefered
How are preferred and common stocks similar both have the same amount of risk
The gov. needs to spend a million dollars to build a bew medical facility. what type of bond incestment oppirtunity would help the city gov. get funding municipal bond
Bob sells specialty guitars and hpes to sell the guitars for much more than the purchase price. What type of investment could the guitars become collectibles
Mary needs a savings plan that will allow her to access her money as cash for potential emergency needs. which type of evaluation factor of saving is she considering ?liquididy ?potential return ?saftey and risk ?taxes
Created by: Wes@school