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Chapter 10 So...

So you want to be an interpreter Chapter 10

What is not one of the steps of the interpreting process Knowing Sign Language
In order to get the source language, an interpreter must Be able to hear
Sometimes an interpreter must __________ by using clues from the overall context Fill in the blanks
When using cognitive competence, an interpreter must have The ability to store, connect, retrieve and process information quickly to comprehend and store the meaning.
Certain eye behaviors, head nods, verbal utterances to indicate one is attending and comprehending the message is Reciprocal Signs
Getting beneath the words/ signs to understand the message itself requires _________ _____________ of your own beliefs, values, and inferences. Rational Control
This is a group of people who, because they were born within a few years of each other, experience many of the same historical and social conditions. Cohort Groups
An interpreter needs to be constantly scanning the environment in order to note contextual factors. The one that does not exist is Monitoring process of the environment
When is third person used rather than first person When there is a need to incorporate the sense of who is responsible for the utterance being delivered.
When is it best to use consecutive interpretation – in which setting? One - On - One
Created by: jterm