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Chapter 49 Matrix

Matrix systems for Restorative Dentistry

A matrix must be used to create a temporary wall for which classifications of tooth restoration? a class II, III, or IV
What classification(s) of cavity preparation would use a posterior matrix system? class II
What is the most common matrix system used for class II posterior restorations? Tofflemire retainer and matrix band
A _____ Tofflemire retainer has been designed with a slight bend in the body to accommodate positioning from the lingual surface. contra-angle
When placing a matrix band, where is the smaller circumference of the band placed? toward the gingiva
What is the plural of matrix? Matrices
This matrix is used for anterior composite resin or glass ionomer restorations. clear plastic
This is used as a matrix system for the primary molars. the T-band or the spot-welded band
What is used to contour a metal matrix band for posterior teeth? a burnisher or the end of a mirror handle
What additional item is used in the matrix system to re-establish a proper contact with an adjacent tooth? a wedge
What can result from improper wedge placement? Overhang or cupping
What is the instrument of choice when positioning a wooden wedge? Howe pliers
Why can’t a stainless steel matrix band be used with composites? Metal bands scratch composites
What is another term for a clear plastic matrix? Mylar strip
What matrix system is an alternative to the universal retainer? automatrix
What is another term for a thin polished matrix band used for posterior composites? palodent
When a posterior metal matrix band and retainer are placed, the seated matrix band should extend approximately _______ below the gingival margin of the preparation. 1 mm
Created by: cynthia.fryer