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Chapter 45 Cements

Dental Cements

A _____ is classified as a type I dental cement luting cement
When is temporary cement used instead of permanent cement? When the dentist will need to remove the indirect restoration at a later time.
A delay between completion of the mix and seating for final cementation will result in ______. The initial setting process
What variable affects the addition or loss of water in a dental cement? Humidity
According to the “Guidelines for Mixing Dental Cements” you should __________. dispense the powder first, and then the liquid
Which cement types is/are the most versatile and the least irritating to the pulp? Zinc oxide–eugenol and glass ionomer
The cement that gives off an exothermic reaction and must be spatulated over a wide area of a cool, dry, thick glass slab is _____. Zinc phosphate
Can resin cements be used under metal castings? Y
. What ingredient in the powder of glass ionomer cement helps in inhibiting recurrent decay? Calcium
On what mixing surface is ZOE mixed? oil-resistant paper pad or a glass slab
The cement should be loaded into a casting so that it covers _________. all the internal walls with a thin lining of cement
Type _____ glass ionomer cement is designed for restoring areas of erosion near the gingiva. II
How is Tempbond supplied? two tubes of paste
Which type of cement is preferred for cementation of ceramic veneers? composite resin cement
How should polycarboxylate cement appear after the mixing process? Glossy
What is the main component in the liquid form of zinc phosphate cement? phosphoric acid
When composite resin cement is used, the tooth must be _____. free of all plaque and debris and etched
If excess cement is not removed from in and around the gingival margin and sulcus of the tooth, the cement can _____. irritate the area and cause inflammation and discomfort
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