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Chapter 44 Bases etc

Bases, Liners, and Bonding Systems

What is an example of biological pulpal stimuli? bacteria from saliva coming into contact with pulpal tissues
What is the function of a dental liner? protects the pulp from irritation
What stimulates the production of reparative dentin? Calcium hydroxide
What is the main ingredient in varnish? resin
Why is dental varnish is used in the cavity preparation seal the dentinal tubules and reduce leakage around a restoration
Protective bases are placed when it is necessary to protect the pulp before the restoration is placed, because without this protection there may be ___________. postoperative sensitivity and damage to the pulp
What is the other name used for dentin sealer? desensitizer
What does the dentin sealer seal? dentin tubules
What effect does eugenol have on the pulp? soothing
Acid etching utilizes etchant containing what kind of acid. phosphoric
What is an example of enamel bonding? veneers
Etchant removes the _____ layer in preparation for bonding. smear
Which material is applied first: the bonding or etchant material? etchant
Can varnish be placed under all restorative materials? No
The smear layer is composed of _____. a very thin layer of debris
Created by: cynthia.fryer