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Chapter 36 Moisture

Moisture Control

What are the two types of evacuators used most in operative dental procedures? the saliva ejector and the high-volume evacuator.
The main function of the saliva ejector? To remove liquids from the mouth.
After it is used, an HVE tip is _____. HVE tips may be made of disposable plastic, or of stainless steel or reusable plastic, which can be reused after being sterilized.
What three means of isolation are most often used in dentistry? Cotton rolls, dry angles, and dental dams
The dental assistant grasps the evacuator in which hand when assisting a right-handed dentist. With the right hand
The HVE suction tip should be positioned how. The HVE suction tip should be positioned so The edge of the suction tip is even with or slightly beyond the occlusal surface or incisal edge.
Why is it important to wet a cotton roll before removal? If not wet, the rolls can pull on the lining of the mucosa.
The evacuation system hoses should be flushed how often with an antimicrobial solution? Daily
Which of the following is used along with the HVE evacuation system to complete the rinsing process? The air-water syringe
What piece of equipment stabilizes and stretches the dam away from the tooth? The frame
Is the dental dam placed before or after the local anesthetic is administered? After
For what purposes would you use an anterior dental dam clamp? For class V restorations, and for endodontic treatment.
What are the parts of the dental dam clamp? The bow and the jaws
A _____ is a piece of dental floss or dental tape that should always be attached to the bow of the dental dam clamp before the clamp is placed in the patient’s mouth. ligature
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