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Endo Procedure

Step 1 Seat patient, review health history, and explain procedure.
Step 2 Pass Dentist mouth mirror and explorer.
Step 3 Apply topical anesthetic, wait 3 to 5 minutes.
Step 4 Pass dentist anesthetic syringe.
Step 5 Rinse area with air/water syringe and aspirate excess water with HVE.
Step 6 Place dental dam.
Step 7 Dentist creates opening with highspeed handpiece and a 557 or 556 bur, while assistant uses HVE to keep area clear of debris.
Step 8 Dentist uses slowspeed handpiece with a round bur sizes 2,4,or 6 to remove caries, while assistant uses HVE to keep area clear of debris.
Step 9 Pass endo spoon to dentist to remove debris.
Step 10 Pass endo explorer to dentist to locate pulp horns.
Step 11 Dentist enlarges canal opening with gates glidden bur on the slowspeed handpiece.
Step 12 Pass broaches to until dentist has removed the pulpal tissues.
Step 13 Dentist puts a file in the root canal and assistant exposes a radiograph so that the dentist can determine the length of the canal.
Step 14 Pass files and reamers with stoppers until proper length and width of the canal is achieved.
Step 15 Pass irrigating syringe. Dentist irrigates canal while assistant aspirates with the surgical HVE tip.
Step 16 Continually pass paper points until canal is completely dry.
Step 17 Pass cotton pellet containing medication (formocresol)to place in canal.
Step 18 Dentist will remove cotton pellet and assistant passes a dry pellet to leave in the preparation.
Step 19 Pass small ball of temporary filling material (Cavit)on the end of a woodson.
Step 20 Pass a damp cotton tip applicator to dentist who uses it to smooth the temporary restoration. (End 1st visit)
Step 21 Pass dentist endo spoon to remove temporary filling and cotton pellet.
Step 22 Select master gutta percha point according to the size of the last file used.
Step 23 Mix endo sealer (Sealapex) and pass to dentist. Dentist uses lentulo spiral on the slowspeed handpiece to place sealer deep into the canal.
Step 24 Coat master gutta percha point with sealer and pass to dentist.
Step 25 Assistant continues to pass gutta percha and endo spreader until canal is full and without any voids.
Step 26 Pass endo condenser (Glick #1) and prepare heat source.
Step 27 Hold some 2x2 gauze to wipe condenser of melted gutta percha, while using the HVE to aspirate smoke form the melted gutta percha.
Step 28 Pass temporary filling material (Cavit)on woodson to dentist, along with damp cotton tip applicator.
Step 29 Use air/water and HVE to clear rubber dam of debris, remove dam, and rinse mouth.
Step 30 Pass articulating forceps to check occlusion, dentist will adjust the occlusion with woodson, cotton tip applicator, or round bur in slowspeed if needed.
Step 31 Assistant exposes final radiograph and gives post-op insructions to patient.
Step 32 Schedule appointment for final restoration.
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