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Oral Surgery Post-Op

Oral Surgery Pre& Post-Op Instructions

Take all premedications as prescribed.
Eat food before arriving for extraction. (If IV sedation is to be done then the patient should not eat for at least 8 hours before surgery.)
Bring a friend or family member to escort you home after the procedure is done.
Avoid vigorous chewing, excessive spitting, or rinsing.
Apply pressure to the area of surgery by biting down on the gauze.
If bleeding persists, gently rinse with cold water and continue to apply pressure with fresh gauze for 30 min and repeat every 30 min.
Moist teabags wrapped in gauze may also help control bleeding.
Notify Dental clinic if active bleeding persists.
Keep head elevated while laying down.
Take pain medication when pain is present.
Eat some food before taking most medications.
Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
drink lots of fluids, starting with something clear then moving on slowly to teas, soups, and juices.
Dairy products should be avoided until bleeding has stopped.
Avoid chewing, hot foods and drinks until anesthetic has worn off to avoid burning or biting of the mouth.
Don not use a straw to drink beverages for several days after surgery because it creates a suction and can dislodge a blood clot forming a dry socket.
Eat foods that are soft and require little or no chewing. (Pudding, ice cream, jello, apple sauce, soup, yogurt, mashed potatoes, eggs, oatmeal.)
Take antibiotics as prescribed. (Notify female patients that birth control pills become ineffective with some antibiotics.)
Smoking should be completely avoided!
Notify dental clinic if any abnormal signs are noticed.
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