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Review Module 8

Module 8 Review Exploring Creation with Biology

What is the genotype for a homozygous tall pea plant? TT
What process causes gametes to have one allele for a given trait, when other human cells have two of each allele? Meiosis
A person carries a genetic disorder but does not have the disorder. How is that possible? The genetic disorder is recessive.
Do sex-linked genetic disorders affect men and women the same? No
Why are males affected more in sex-linked genetic disorders? Men have only one allele in sex-linked traits.
Two individuals have an identical genotype for a certain trait, but they are not identical when it comes to that trait. Why? Environmental or spiritual factors can affect some traits.
A woman with type O blood marries a man with type AB blood. What blood types with percentages are possible for their children? A 50% and B 50%
T represents the ability to taste PTC, which is dominant. If a man is is heterozygous in that trait, what is his genotype? Tt
If a woman cannot taste PTC, what is her genotype? tt
Determine the percentage chance of each genotype for the children of a man who is heterozygous for a dominant trait and a woman who has the recessive trait. 50% will be heterozygous dominant and 50% will be homozygous recessive.
Draw a Punnet square for a sex-linked recessive trait where the man does not have the trait and the woman carries but does not have the trait. You should end up with one female homozygous for the dominant, one female heterozygous for the trait, one male dominant without the trait, and another male with the recessive trait.
What are the four ways genetic disorders arise? Autosomal or sex-linked inheritance, change in chromosome structure, allele mutation, and change in chromosome number
Draw a Punnet square for two traits of a plant that is heterozygous in both traits when it is crossed with itself(make up traits or use ones you know). What are the possible phenotypes and their percent chances? Be sure to practice this. This will be worth 5 points: 1 for getting the allele combinations correct, 2 for the Punnet square, and 2 for the correct phenotypes and percentages.
Go over pedigree diagrams. There is a 1 point question about this.
Created by: michelemegna
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