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Dental Dam MOD5

Dental Dam

A thin stretchable material that is utilized as the highest level of moisture control during dental procedures? Dental Dam
A U-shaped device made of metal or plastic used to hold the dam material in place? Dental Dam Frame
Used to create holes in the dam material? Dental Dam Punch
Used to open and close the clamp during placement and removal? Dental Dam Forceps
Designed to hold the dental dam secure around the tooth? Dental Dam Clamps
Tying a string around the bow of the dental dam clamp? Ligating
How do you evacuate saliva from the mouth while using a dental dam? Lingua-Fix
The dental dam clamp goes on the tooth ______ to the tooth being worked on? Distal
How many holes are made in the dam for an endodontic procedure? One
What should be done to the dam material to prepare for a crown and bridge? Make Slit
Right Mandibular clamp for partially erupted tooth? #12A
Molar clamp for partially erupted or irregularly shaped tooth? #14A
Molar clamp for small, partially erupted, or irregular shaped teeth (Pedo.)? #8A
Left Mandibular molar clamp for partially erupted teeth? #13A
Universal Mandibular molar clamp? #7
Small Maxillary molar clamp? #4
Universal Maxillary Bicuspid clamp? #1
Universal Mandibular Bicuspid clamp? #2
Universal Double-Bowed Anterior clamp? #9
What is the size of the rubber dam material for an adult? 6x6
What is the size of the rubber dam material for a child? 5x5
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