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Fixed Prosth. MOD 5

Fixed Prosthodontics

What is a replacement for a missing tooth? Prosthesis
A dental specialist who restores and replaces teeth with artificial substitutes? Prosthodontist
Restorations made out side of the mouth in a lab? Indirect Restorations
Restorations made of ceramic? Milled Restorations
Designed to cover the occlusal surface of at least one cusp of a posterior tooth? Onlay
Designed to fill a Class II cavity preparation? Inlay
An ultra thin layer of composite resin or porcelain bonded to the facial surface of teeth? Veneers
Restoration that covers or replaces a major part of the entire anatomical crown of a single tooth? Crown
A prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth cemented or attached to the abutment teeth or implant. Fixed Partial Denture
Natural teeth or implants used to support the fixed prosthesis? Abutment
The artificial tooth that replaces the missing tooth? Pontic
Restorative material that re-creates the lost tooth structure of the anatomical crown of a vital? tooth? Core Buildup
Placed into a endodontically treated tooth to improve retention of a cast restoration? Cast Post
String used to show the entire gingival margin? Retraction Cord
Astringent-vasoconstrictor agent used to control bleeding and shrink the tissue? Hemodent
The final step in the process of creating an indirect restoration? Master Impression
A precise replica of a prepared tooth created from an impression? Die
A ________ should contain the dentist's name, license number, address, phone number, and signature? Lab Slip
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