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Removable Prosth.

Removable Prosthetics

Designed to replace one or more teeth in an arch? Partial Denture
Designed to support the units and necessary components of a partial denture? Framework
Replaces all of the teeth in a full arch? Complete Denture
Designed to fit over retained roots, remaining teeth or and implant? Overdenture
What appointment comes after the initial oral exam for a removable prosthesis? Consultation
Connects the different parts of a partial denture into one working unit? Connectors
Provides the partial denture with horizontal and vertical support by resting on top of the occlusal surface of a prepared tooth? Rests
Contacts the abutment teeth and prevents movement of the partial when chewing and swallowing? Clasp or Retainer
Constructed to look like the gingival tissues and holds the denture teeth? Denture Base
Made of porcelain or acrylic resin and held into the denture base by pins or holes? Artificial Teeth
What must a patient possess in order to wear a complete denture? Positive Attitude
Having detail on the occlusal surface of posterior artificial teeth? Anatomical
Do not have detail on the occlusal surface of posterior teeth? Nonanatomical
Used as a prosthesis, serving as a protective cover for the surgical area after an aveoplasty? Immediate Denture
The process of adding a new layer of hard acrylic to the internal portion or the denture? Relining
What should you not use on dentures? Abrasives
Never wash or soak dentures in ____ water? Hot
In order for the oral tissues to breathe, you should not _____ with the denture in the mouth overnight? Sleep
Always _____ the denture after removing it from the soaking solution? Rinse
Keep dentures in liquid when not being worn to prevent ___________? Dimensional Changes
Brush the ______ and _______ of the denture with a denture brush daily? Inside and Outside
Remove the dentures or partials and __________ daily? Rinse Mouth
The denture loses it fit overtime due to? Bone Resorption
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