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Endo MOD 5

Inflammation of the tooth pulp that may be reversible or irreversible? Pulpitis
an infection within the tooth that spreads through out the tooth's apex into the surrounding bone? Periapical Abscess
When inflamed tooth pulp is unable to respond to treatment and the patient;s symptoms of pain? Irreversible Pulpitis
When the tooth is able to respond to treatment and the patient's symptoms subside? Reversible Pulpitis
Incising or lancing an area and expressing pus? Incise and Drain
Nonvital pulp that is infected or dead? Necrotic Pulp
The most valuable diagnostic tool used to evaluate structures that cannot be seen during the clinical evaluation? Radiographs
Gentle tapping on the crown of the tooth to diagnose infection and inflammation of the pulp? Percussion
Test in which fingers are used to apply light pressure to areas of the mouth to detect swelling, pain, and abnormally firm tissues? Palpation Test
Test done to establish abnormal movement of a tooth? Mobility Test
Test done by placing something cold on the tooth? Cold Test
Test done by applying heat to the tooth? Heat Test
Placing a pulp cap over the exposed pulp? Direct Pulp Capping
Placing a cap over a layer f remaining dentin? Indirect Pulp Capping
The removal of the entire coronal pulp in the pulp chamber,leaving only vital pulp in the roots? Pulpotomy
The removal of the entire pulp from the pulp chamber and the roots of a nonvital tooth? Pulpectomy
Filling the root canals with gutta percha without voids to seal the apex of the tooth? Obturation
Removing debris, including necrotic nerve tissue, from the root canal of a tooth? Debridement
Double-ended instrument with long tapered pointed tips used to detect root canal openings with in the tooth? Endodontic Explorer
Long double-ended instruments that allow for detection of caries or coronal pulp tissue? Endodontic Spoon
Thin and flexible with a series of sharp pointed barbed projections used to remove infected pulp within the pulp canal? Broaches
Used to enlarge the pulp canal after broaches have been used? Reamers
Look Like reamers with closer cutting edges, come in different styles:K-type, S-type, and H-type. Files
Small round pieces of plastic or silicone, placed on reamers, files or broaches to mark the measurement of the root canals? Endodontic Stops
Used to completely dry out the root canals after deridment and irrigation? Paper Points
Used to transport sealer, cement, or medication to the finished root canal before placement of gutta percha? Lentulo Spiral
Designed to condense root canal filling materials horizontally against the walls of the prepared root canal to make room for another gutta percha point? Endodontic Spreader
Used to condense root canal filling materials vertically int the root canals? Glick #1
Football shaped bur used to create funnel shaped openings into the root canal to make access for reamers and files? Gates Glidden
Bur used to remove some of the gutta percha filling material to prepare for a post. Peeso Reamer
An electronic measuring device for assessing the exact length of the root canal? Apex Finder
Used to clean away debris from the root canal, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide? Irrigating Soulution
Fills discrepancies between root filling and canal wall, used with gutta percha points? Endodontic Sealer
Pink colored type of plastic used as a root canal filling material? Gutta Percha
The surgical removal of the apical portion of the tooth? Apicoectomy
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