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Oral Surgery MOD 5

Which forceps are used on the Mandibular Molars? #17 and #23 Cowhorn
Which forcep is used on the Maxillary Anterior teeth? #1 or #99c
Which forcep is used on the Mandibular Anterior teeth? #74 Birdbeak
Which forcep is used for the Maxillary Right Molars? #88R
Which forcep is used for the Maxillary Left Molars? #88L
Which forcep is used for Maxillary Premolars? #150
Which forcep is used on Mandibular Molars? #151
What is a double-ended instrument with round serrated working ends used to trim and smooth bone? Bone File
What are Instruments used to raise the tooth from the socket? Elevators
Which instrument is designed to loosen the periosteum tissue from the bone? Periosteal Elevator
Which instruments are used to loosen and elevate the broken parts of the roots? Root Tip Picks
What instrument has serrated beaks and is used as a clamp or holding device? Hemostats
Used to keep the mouth open during dental procedures? Mouth Prop
Used to hold the tissues away form the operating field? Retractors
Used for nipping uneven or unwanted bone and tissue pieces? Rongeurs
Come in various shapes and sizes and are used to make precise incisions into the soft tissue. Scalpels
Instrument with spoon-shaped face used inside the socket to remove debris,lesions, or infectious material? Surgical Curette
Must be Signed by the patient acknowledging that they understand all of the facts and implications of a procedure? Informed Consent
What is inflammation of the alveolar process, also known as a dry Socket? Alveolitis
To pull out of joint, or out of place? Luxate
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