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Week 1

RBS chap 8

How many stages of acculturation are there? three
Stage one of acculturation is when the language you hear is a jumble of sounds Confusion
Stage two of acculturation is known as ___ understanding. it is when yo begin to converse in the language and have a few friends whom you can call upon to ask questions and things become a bit clearer. Delayed
Stage three of acculturation is when you have seen the same transactions repeated so many times that you have now become capable of ____? Prediction
Many interpreters' self esteem is tied to visual and measurable indicators. A college degree Interpreting certificates Amount of money earned
T/F Deaf consumers prefer an interpreter with a good attitude and only adequate signing skills over those who have exemplary signing sills and inappropriate attitude. True
Interpreters become defensive when people assume which of the following? We are related to the Deaf Consumer, We are volunteering our time, we have no training in ares such as confidentiality or ethics.
Created by: jterm