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Literary Elements :)

Literature Essay Thingys

Verbal Irony We say the opposite of what we mean
Situational Irony What happens if different from what you think is gonna happen
Dramtic Irony We know something that a character doesnt
Simile comparing two unlike things using like or as
metaphor comparing two unlike things
Imagery When thr author uses such good description you can acutally see in it your mind
Personification applying human chracteristics to things that are unhuman
Plot chain or related events that goes on in the story
conflict problem faced by a chracter
resolved how the story turns out
complications fights, arguements
resolution end of the story
subplots part of the larger story but arent the big picture
parrallel episodes storyteller repeats the main outline severa; times
Plot Triangle exposition ; rising action ; climax ; falling action ; resolution
dynamic changing
static remains the same
protaganist main person
antaganist person who provides conflict
primary main chracters
secondary chracters making guest apperances
alliteration repition of a syllables in a group of words
mood emotional quality of a character
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