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unit 5 163 Pima

Oral rad PIMA

to make skull and soft tissue measurement is Cephalometric
Size 2 film is used for Pedo occlusals
Thyroid collar not used for Pano because it obscures structures on patients
a small detector that is placed intraorally to capture the radiographic image is termed Sensor
T or F Digital radiography requires less radiarion than conventional radiography... True
Vertical interproximal radiographs are usually used in what specialty Periodontic
Advantages of digital radiography include... Speed of image viewing, no need for processing equipment/solutions, superior gray scale resolution, enhancement of diagnostic image
T or F two dimensional imaging provides in depth images that gives dental professional a better image than with three dimensional imaging... False
the Curve of Spee is recorded as a "frown" instead of a smile on a panoramic survey. this is caused by what eror... patient's chin tipped upward
the imaginary plane that passes from the bottom of the eye socket through the top of the ear canal is called the... Frankfort plane
The incisors should be in what position during a panoramic exposure... edge to edge relationship
when compared with intraoral radiographs, the images on a panoramic survey appear magnified... True
A panoramic film is usually what dimension... 5x12 inches
to examine the posterior region of the mandible; usually 5'x7' film size... lateral jaw survey
to localize a foreign body, fractures, tumors, etc. in the floor of the mouth or in the palate... occlusal
to make visible the entire maxillary and mandibular arches in one exposure. Evaluation of impacted molars. Tubehead rotates... panoramic
the function of intensifying screens is... reduced patient exposure to radiation
in panoramic radiography, the area in which structures are clearly demonstrated is called the... focal trough
an exposure is made in which the tube head and cassette holder (drum) rotate around the patient's head in synchronization. What type of radiography is being utilized... panoramic radiography
what specialist uses cephalometric radiographs in diagnosis and treatment... orthodontist
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