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Ch20 Dental Term

Business Procedures

professional calls call regarding specific care or concern in patient matters
outgoing calls calls made from the dental facility
confirmation call to confirm an upcoming appointment
ordering call to supplier or store to place an order
inquiry call to request information regarding matter such as availability of a product
collection call to arrange payment for an outstanding statement
answering service professional service that will answer phone calls and take messages, forward messages, and advice callers of working hours and availability.
first class mail letters, postcards, statements, business reply, and larger marked envelopes.
second class mail Periodicals, magazines, newspapers
Third class mail catalogs, circulars, books, printed material weighing less that one pound
fourth class mail printed matter and parcels weighing more than a pound, aka parcel post
certified mail postal fee service that records mail delivery by dating, numbering, and recording mailed pieces. The sender may track the progress of the mail using the receipt number.
C.O.D. Mail Stands for cash on delivery fee service in which postal employees collects money at time of delivery.
Express Mail Fast, 24 hour delivery of mail
priority mail mail delivery with two to three days
insured mail postal fee service insure item sent, for a set price declared by sender.
Registered Mail Postal fee service to record and protect mail to delivery site, post office supplies proof that the material has been received. generally used for important papers
restricted delivery mail delivered to only the person specified.
special delivery swift delivery of mail by the post office when received at local station; fee for service
special handling delivery of third and fourth class mail at fastest method byt not special delivery
e-mail communications by means of computer
fax communication by telephone line connection
ground package service parcels or packages containing dental cases, returns, items to be repaired, and so for sent by fed-ex, UPS, USPS. Pickup service can be arranged
online postal services include stamp purchase, calculation of postage, printing of labels, proof of delivery, and tracking of postal matters
incoming mail mail that has been delivered to the dental facility.
Invoice printed from supplier regarding order or orders received by a facility, may or may not demand payment.
statement request for payment for services, products, or material received by a facility.
misc may include lab reports, general information, or correspondence, meeting information, sames or advertisements.
packages may be from dental labs, suppliers, or sample products.
personal mail meant for a specific individual; not general business communication
payment envelopes containing checks as payment for statement or treatment received
outgoing mail mail that is sent from the facility
zip code specific numbers assigned by postal office to designated areas of the country.
appointment period of time set aside for a scheduled patient
appointment card printed reminder of patients next appointment day and time.
appointment entry recording patients name, procedure, phone number, and other required data into computer program or schedule book for a specific time and day
buffer period open unit or block of time that is maintained on schedule pages; used for emergencies or to make up time when running behind schedule
call list list of patients willing to be summoned at first available opening or when cancellations occur.
daily schedule copy of schedule of patients and procedures for the day.
Dovetail Scheduling process in which appointment times are scheduled into the days procedures at a down period of another appointment.
matrix pattern of work periods available for appointment scheduling, nonworking hours, meetings, holidays, or any times the practice will not be in service are marked off the schedule.
recall list system of monitoring patients return to dental facility, patients are listed in month of the desired service and called or notified at that time to make an appointment.
unit section of an hour; may be 10, 15, or 20 minutes.
Patient Information Card questionnaire filled out by the patient giving necessary data for office records.
clinical chart printed chart showing anatomical drawings and diagnostic results of clinical observations; also may record procedures, fees charged, and payments received.
consent form printed form signed by patient or guardian of a minor giving permission for treatment
health history form printed questionnaire regarding patients, past and present heal history, medications, allergies and other health matters
insurance information form printed questionnaire regarding insurance policy numbers, type and any other data supplied on the insurance card.
patient file envelope large file envelope used to gather and hold together all the patients records in one central location.
indexing aligning position for file placement using names, dates, etc.
beneficiary person entitled to receive payment from claim
carrier insurance company or institution doing the insuring
back order part of supply order to be shipped at later date.
modified block letter form in which some letter parts are not placed next to left margin
ethics code of conduct set by a profession
block letter form in which all letter parts are placed at the left margin
exclusion services or procedures not listed in the benefit plan.
title line form signed by patient, guardian giving permission for care.
petty cash a fund of money used to pay for small items purchased for office needs
sorting process of arranging items for filing, using dates, numbers, names.
felony a serious major crime such as arson or murder
Fraud Purposeful misrepresentation of facts or knowledge
deductible a requirement for the family or individual to pay the first $100
provider a three party payment plan
capitol supply items of major cost that are used on an ongoing basis such as dental chair, autoclave, or radiograph developer.
expendable supply items that are used up or consumed during procedures such as cements, tissues, and gloves.
non-expendable supply items that are used more than once but are not of major cost, such as dental instruments
purchase order printed request for materials or equipment that is used mainly in large institutions, may require authorization before being processed
reorder point minimum quantity or amount of an item that is necessary to have on hand before another order is necessary
lead time amount of time between the reorder of a supply and its arrival
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