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Chapter 1 - Intro to Medical Law, Ethics and Bioethics

amoral lacking or indifferent to moral standards
applied ethics the practical application of moral standards to the conduct of individuals involved in organizations
bioethics the moral dilemmas and issues of advanced medicine and medical research
comparable worth theory that extends equal pay requirements to all persons doing equal work
pay equity comparable worth
compassion ability to have a gentle, caring attitude toward patients and fellow employees
cost/benefit analysis utilitarianism, the benefit of the decision should outweigh the costs
utilitarianism the greatest good for the greatest number of people
due process the entitlement of all employees to have certain procedures followed when they believe their rights are in jeopardy
duty-based ethics focuses on performing one's duty to various people and institutions
empathy the ability to understand the feelings of another person without actually experiencing the pain or distress that a person is going through
ethics the branch of philosophy relating to morals and moral principles
fidelity loyalty and faithfulness to others
integrity unwavering adherence to one's principles; dedication to high standards
justice-based ethics based on the moral restraint "veil of ignorance"
laws rules or actions prescribed by a governmental authority that have a binding legal force
litigious excessively inclined to sue
medical ethics moral conduct based on principles regulating the behavior of healthcare professionals
medical etiquette standards of professional behavior that physicians use for conduct with other physicians
medical practice acts laws established in all 50 states that define the practice of medicine as well as requirements and methods for licensure in a particular state
morality the quality of being virtuous or practicing the right conduct
sympathy pity for someone else
tolerance a respect for those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, and nationality differ from our own
virtue-based ethics based on character traits
principle of autonomy people have the right to make decisions on their own life
principle of beneficence we must not harm patients while we try to help them (do what is best)
principle of nonmalfeasance first, do no harm; do the risks outweigh the benefits
principle of justice all must be treated equally
sexual harassment unwanted sexual advances, verbal or physical
rights-based ethics emphasis based on a person's individual rights
American Medical Association Set and define ethical standard for medical professionals
Three-step model Is it legal, is it balanced, how does it make me feel?
Dr. Lo's clinical model gather information, clarify ethical issues, resolve the dilemma
privacy the ability to safeguard another persons confidences or information
Created by: Kirkster