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AZC1 United States Constitution

According the Locke - when the government tramples over the lives liberties and estates of the people. The people h ave the right to rebel
What is the Magna Carta? A statement of rights and privileges for British noblemen.
According to Locke - people submit themselves to The legislators.
Which of the following statements correctly describes the relationship between the Magna Carta and the US Constitution? The Magna Carta lists rights that were applicable only to noblemen - while the rights ennumerated in the Constitution apply to all citizens.
Locke's Second Treatise argues that the best defense against rebellion is? The ability to install a new legislature.
T/F The Declaration of Independence Includes ideas and principles found in John Locke's Second Treatise and details the ways in which the British government had violated principles found in the Magna Carta. TRUE
Colonists used the Magna Carta to justify their Opposition to new taxes
John Locke's probable opinion of the Declaration of Independence was? John Locke would have likely supported the Declaration of Independence because the English government had violated its contract with the colonists.
Whose interpretation of the rights enumerated in the Magna Carta played a significant role in the ideology of the American colonists? Edward Coke
What does preamble mean? Statement of purpose
T/F The heading The Preamble does not appear in the Constitution. TRUE
What does the phrase in order to form a more perfect Union refer to? The Convention’s goal to improve upon the Articles of Confederation
According to the Preamble - the purposes of the Constitution include which of the following? To provide for common defense
T/F To promote the general welfare is explicitly stated in the Preamble as a goal of the Constitution. TRUE
According to the Preamble - who ordained and established the Constitution? The People of the US
Article 2 states: Each state retains its sovereignty - freedom - and independence - and every power - jurisdiction - and right - which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States - in Congress assembled. What does this mean in pr States retain nearly all government powers except those specifically given to the Congress.
Secure liberties - common defense and mutual welfare are all what? Are all purposes of the national government - as outlined in Article 3
How many votes in Congress did each state get? 1
According to Article 6 - the states are not permitted to Engage in war - mint their own money and engage in foreign trade
Article Thirteen explains the process for Amending the Articles
Which of the following government roles were created by the Articles? Congress
Which of the following was a problem that developed after the Articles were ratified? Trade between the states was limited because states imposed tarriffs on all imports from other states.
The Three-Fifths compromise was proposed in order to? Encourage southern states to support the new Constitution.
Which of the following individuals was instrumental in drafting the Constitution? James Madison
What was the Great Compromise? It set the number of representatives in the House proportional to population - while the number of Senators was set at 2 per state.
James Madison felt that the new Constitution should be Ratified by a popular vote so that the people literally consented to their government.
The Three-Fifths compromise ultimately determined that When determining population - slaves would be counted in a ratio of 3 slaves for every 5 free men.
Which of the following statements is true of the Virginia Plan? The Virginia Plan would have created a strong federal government in which states had very little power.
The Three-Fifths compromise ultimately Gave Southern states control of the House but not the Senate.
The following issues required a compromise during the drafting of the Constitution. Representation in Congress - how best to elect an executive officer - regulation of the importation of slaves
The Constitution was signed in _______ and officially ratified in __________. 1787 - 1788
Who wrote the Federalist Papers? John Jay - Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
Thomas Jefferson felt that Democratic principles were best applied in an agrarian society.
In Federalist No. 10 - which term does James Madison use to describe a number of citizens united by a common passion or interest? Faction
What - according to Federalist No. 10 - is the most common source of faction? The unequal distribution of property
Which form of government does Madison say offers the BEST solution to control factions? A large republic
The Federal Farmer letters concede that The federal system is defective AND some of the state governments are poorly administered.
According to the Federal Farmer letters - who would suffer under the new Constitution? The remote states
The Federal Farmer asserts that the laws of free government rest on the confidence of The people.
The Federal Farmer proposes that _________ be added to the Constitution A federal bill of rights
The Anti-Federalists achieved a victory when A Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution
What does preamble mean? statement of purpose
Which of the following statements is true of the Preamble to the Constitution? The heading The Preamble does not appear in the Constitution.
What does the phrase in order to form a more perfect Union refer to? The Convention’s goal to improve upon the Articles of Confederation
According to the Preamble - the purposes of the Constitution include which of the following? To provide for common defense
Which of the following is explicitly stated in the Preamble as a goal of the Constitution? Promote the general welfare
According to the Preamble - who ordained and established the Constitution? The people of the United States
According to Article 1 - individual states may not Grant titles of Nobility - enter into treaties with foreign nations and levy duties on imports or exports.
Which of the following is an accurate description of the number of Congressmen (Representatives and Senators) a state may have? States may each have 2 Senators and a number of Representatives proportional to the states’ population.
List each of the 7 Articles and briefly summarize the branch of government and/or the powers each article addresses. Article 1: Legislative Branch Article 2: Executive Branch Article 3: Judicial Branch Article 4: States Article 5: Amending the Constitution Article 6: Supremacy Article 7: Ratification of the Constitution
Federal courts have jurisdiction in which of the following situations? Trials involving foreign ambassadors
According to Articles 2 and 3 - the President ______________________ but Congress _________________. Is the Commander in Chief of the military; may declare war
The Supremacy Clause states that States must uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
The Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution (Article 6) requires states to Enforce and recognize the judgments of courts in any state.
Which of the following correctly describes the 2 processes for amending the Constitution? Three-fourths of both the House and the Senate must approve an amendment which then must be ratified by the legislatures of two-thirds of the states or three-fourths of the states may petition the Congress for a Constitutional Convention to consider an am
Which of the following statements is true of the rights found in the Bill of Rights? The rights are limited; in certain circumstances the government can restrict or limit (but not suspend) the rights.
Which of the following rights are not guaranteed by the 5th Amendment? The right to represent oneself in a court of law
The Right to Bear Arms is established in which amendment? 2nd
The 1st Amendment protects which of the following rights? Freedom of speech - freedom of the press - freedom of religion - freedom to peaceably assemble and right to petition the government for redress of grievances
Which 2 amendments address the issue of Prohibition? 18 and 21
The 19th Amendment Extends the right to vote to women.
The 15th Amendment explicitly guarantees all male citizens the right to ____________. Vote
In addition to expanding the right to due process - the 14th Amendment Allows states to deny former supporters of the Confederacy the right to vote or hold public office - details consequences if states deny male citizens over the age of 21 the right to vote - and guarantees that any person born in the United States is a cit
Which of the following correctly matches a change to the Constitution with the Amendment that explains the change? Direct election of Senators: Amendment 17
City governments are generally Created by charters issued by the state government.
The years 1789 to 1901 were marked by Dual federalism.
Which of the following court cases demonstrates the ability of the federal government to become involved in state government affairs? Baker v. Carr
Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the Constitution? Local government
Which of the following are the essential features of a federal system? There must be more than one level of government - each level of government must have its own authority - AND no level of government can abolish another level of government.
What constitutional powers were at the center of the Supreme Court case of McCulloch v. Maryland? The supremacy clause
What term is used to describe the period of time from 1901 to 1960 - which saw greater cooperation and collaboration between the various levels of government in the United States? Cooperative federalism
Under the principles of federalism - local governments may not Create a standing army.
The number of seats each state is given in the House of Representatives Is established every 10 years by an official census.
Which of the following is true of the role of the president? The President may call the National Guard to respond to emergency situations.
When the Constitution was originally ratified - Senators were elected by the state legislatures.
In what way does the Executive branch check the legislative branch? The President may veto any law passed by the legislature.
The Legislative branch may not Tax exports from a single state.
The day-to-day work of the Executive branch is Managed by the appointed heads of the various executive departments.
After new legislation is written - it must _________ before it can become a law. Be approved by the relevant Congressional committee - be debated and passed in both houses of Congress - be signed by the President
How does the Judical branch check the power of the Executive and Legislative branches? The Judicial branch conducts all impeachment trials to remove corrupt officials from office.
Which of the following is a required qualification for the President? The President must be a natural-born citizen.
What is a 'special court'? A court within the Judicial Branch that is established by Congress for a specific purpose and jursidiction.
Why did a two-party system emerge in American politics? A winner take all system of voting encourages the development of two major parties.
Which of the following best describes the role of the press/media in government and elections? The media is an essential part of elections and government because media outlets can provide unbiased information about politicians and government actions.
A major difference between Presidential and Congressional elections is _________________. Congressional elections are decided directly by the people - while Presidential elections are decided by the electoral college.
The _____________ and ____________ are the earliest examples of factions or political parties in the United States. Federalists; Anti-Federalists
Which of the following are the drawbacks of a two-party system? A two-party system limits choice among voters - policies may change dramatically in a short period of time when control of government changes from one party to the other and - even large third parties have a difficult time succeeding in national elections
T/F State legislatures meet in official conventions to nominate a candidate for President FALSE
T/F The number of electors from each state is equal to that state's representation in Congress. TRUE
T/F Electoral college membership is composed of the senators - governor - and attorney general of each state. FALSE
T/F The electoral college is composed of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. FALSE
A following drawback of the electoral college is? The electoral college makes it difficult for a third party or independent candidate to win the election - there is a possibility of faithless electors who refuse to cast a vote or vote contrary to their state's general election results - the electoral col
What is a notable criticism of the electoral college? It's typically a winner-take-all system - in which the majority of states award all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.
If no candidate recieves a majority of the electoral votes - how is a President chosen? The House of Representatives chooses from the top 3 candidates.
Which of the following is an advantage of the electoral college system? Support for any one candidate must be distributed throughout the country in order for the candidate to win enough electoral votes.
T/F The authors of the Constitution created the electoral college because the framers felt that actively campaigning for office was not a proper activity for a gentleman. TRUE
T/F The authors of the Constitution created the electoral college because it would have been nearly impossible for a single candidate to travel widely enough to earn a majority of votes. TRUE
T/F The authors of the Constitution created the electoral college because he framers distrusted political parties and wanted a system that would discourage their development. TRUE
T/F The authors of the Constitution created the electoral college because the framers distrusted the people's ability to make wise choices about the Presidency. FALSE
The question of separate but equal was addressed in which cases? Brown vs. Board of Education and Plessy vs. Ferguson
How did Marbury vs. Madison impact the role of the Supreme Court? The decision established the practice of judicial review - which allows the Supreme Court to strike down laws deemed unconstiutional.
Which of the following cases determined that slaves were not citizens and were not eligible for citizenship and therefore did not have the right to sue in federal courts? Dred Scot vs. Sandford
Roe vs. Wade established that ____________. Citizens have a right to privacy
In Plessy vs. Ferguson - Plessy's lawyers argued ______________. The Separate Car Act violated the 14th amendment's guarantee of equal protection
Brown vs. the Board of Education determined that _________ violated the Constitution. Laws segregating schools by race
___________ is a responsibility implied by the Constitutional right to a trial by a jury of one's peers. Serving as a juror
T/F While citizens are guaranteed rights through the Constitution and amendments - those rights can be limited if citizens fail to fulfill their responsibilities. TRUE
T/F Citizens have an obligation in a participatory government to excerise their rights in a responsible fashion. TRUE
T/F Many of the rights outlined in the Constitution are closely linked to specific responsibilities even though the responsibilites are implied rather than explicit. TRUE
Which of the following is a right of citizens found in the Constitution rather than in the amendments? Freedom of religion - Equal protection under the law - Habeus corpus - Right to vote regardless of age - gender or race Habeus corpus
T/F the following is an accurate statement - There is no comprehensive list of responsibilities in the Constitution. TRUE
The ability of Congress to pass laws protecting the writings and discoveries of citizens means that citizens have a right to _____________. Obtain copyrights and patents.
T/F Freedom to refuse miltary service is a right explicitly protected by the Constitution and the Amendments? FALSE
Who is considered a 'natural born' citizen? Anyone who is born in the United States and anyone who is born to a parent who is a US Citizen
Each of the following is a right or privilege guaranteed to all citizens whether natural born or naturalized except __________. Voting - equal protection under the law - the opportunity to become a Congressman - the opportunity to become the President The opportunity to become the President
T/F The following is a step in becoming a citizen? - Pass a written test TRUE
T/F The following is a step in becoming a citizen? - Demonstrate fluency in English TRUE
T/F The following is a step in becoming a citizen? - Live in the United States for at least 15 years FALSE
T/F The following is a step in becoming a citizen? - Demonstrate good moral character TRUE
T/F It is possible for a citizen whether naturalized or natural born to have his/her citizenship revoked. TRUE
T/F Both of the following are included in the Oath of Allegience. Renounce all loyalty to other nations & Agree to serve in the military if required by law. TRUE
T/F Persons born in US Territories are not considered natural born citizens unless their parents are US citizens. FALSE
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