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What is the term used to describe the heritable, physical characteristics of a living organism? phenotype
A healthy woman gives birth to a baby with infantile Tay-Sachs disease. She is surprised by this diagnosis because she does not remember meeting anyone in her family with this disease. What is the most likely explanation for this diagnosis given that infa A distant relative that the mother never met had the disease.
A student encounters a plant bearing small, purple flowers in the wild. The size of the flowers and the purple color are determined by two separate genes sspp
A multicellular organism, such as a tiger or a whale, develops from a single zygote, which is a female ovum fertilized with a male sperm. The new organism's outward appearance, or depends on its genetic makeup, or which is established at fertilization. phenotype; genotype
During meiosis, diversity is achieved by the process of I and II only
A student crosses two pea plants. One is homozygous dominant for axial flowers, and the other is heterozygous for axial flowers. If the student examines 200 offspring pea plants, which of the following is a reasonable result? 200 with axial flowers, 0 with terminal flowers
Cats have a gene that codes for the color of their fur.Suppose that a certain breed of cat can have black, gray, or white fur. Black fur is dominant, white fur is recessive, and gray fur is intermediate .If a gray cat and a white cat have kittens, what ph gray or white fur.
Which of the following describes an allele whose characteristic phenotype is masked by the presence of a second, different allele? recessive.
The pedigree below shows the inheritance of sickle-cell anemia, an autosomal recessive genetic disease, in a particular family. The shaded symbols represent individuals with sickle-cell anemia. Males are represented with squares and females are represent 50%
A recessive gene on the X chromosome codes for muscular dystrophy. Males are more likely to suffer from muscular dystrophy than females because males have only one copy of the X chromosome.
A karytoype is a complete set of chromosomes that constitutes the entire genome of a species. is a male.
Punnett squares depict the genotypes of two parents and are used to predict the inherited traits of offspring. Which of the following would be the missing predicted trait in the table below OO
A small, flowering plant has white flowers with bright red spots on them. When this flowering plant is self-pollinated, it produces new plants with either red flowers, white flowers, or white flowers with red spots. What is the most likely explanation for The red and white flower alleles are codominant.
Females have which set of sex chromosomes? XX
After crossing-over as shown below, what would the sequence of genes be for each of the chromatids? ABCD, abCD, abCd, abcD
An allele is one of the alternative forms of a gene that governs a trait. If a fern plant is heterozygous for a particular trait, how can the alleles that control that trait be described? one dominant, one recessive
Which of the following shows the Punnett square results of a cross between two heterozygous parents? Z
Jennifer is trying to determine the blood type of her parents for biology class. She knows that her blood type is AB.After asking her mother, she finds out that her mother's blood type is A. However, her father cannot remember his blood type.Which of the II or III only
The pedigree shown above is based on a family with freckles (filled circles or squares) or lacking freckles (empty circles or squares). Freckles are determined by one gene locus. Which of the following statements about freckles is most likely to be correc Freckles are an autosomal dominant allele.
It is possible for an organism to inherit a gene with two dominant alleles. What is a gene with two dominant alleles that are expressed at the same time? codominant
Fifty percent of the offspring produced by a cross between pea plants have seeds with a wrinkled (r) appearance caused by the presence of a homozygous recessive gene. What were the genotypes of the parents? Rr × rr
A mother with A blood type and a father with B blood type produce a baby with AB blood type. This is an example of codominance.
Skin color in humans is an example of a phenotypic trait that is determined by polygenic inheritance. Three separate gene loci determine skin color (P, Q and R), where each gene locus has an additive effect on skin color and the capital letters represent 1/64
Hemophilia A is a sex-linked recessive disease. If a mother without the disease and a father without the disease have one son diagnosed with hemophilia, what is the probability that a future daughter they have together will also be afflicted with hemophil 0%
Which of the following shows the Punnett square results of a cross between one homozygous dominant parent and one heterozygous parent? W
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