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instruments: italian, german, french

flauto piccolo piccolo (Italian)
flauto flute (Italian)
oboe oboe (Italian)
corno inlese clarinet (Italian)
clarinetto bass clarinet (Italian)
fagotto bassoon (Italian)
contrafagotta contra bassoon (Italian)
sassofono saxophone (Italian)
corno french horn (Italian)
tomba trumpet (Italian)
cornetto cornet (Italian)
tromobne trombone (Italian)
tuba di basso tuba (Italian)
timpani kettledrums (Italian)
tamburo snare drum (Italian)
gran cassa bass drum (Italian)
piatti cymbals (Italian)
tam-tam gong (Italian)
triangolo triangle (Italian)
silifono xylophone (Italian)
tamburino tambourine (Italian)
castagnett castanets (Italian)
campani chimes (Italian)
campanelli bells (Italian)
arpa harp (Italian)
violino violin (Italian)
viola viola (Italian)
violoncello cello (Italian)
contrabasso double bass (Italian)
klein flote picollo (German)
flote flute (German)
hoboe oboe (German)
englisch horn english horn (German)
klarinette clarinet (German)
bassklarinette bass clarinet (German)
fagott bassoon (German)
kontrafagott contrabassoon (German)
saxophon saxophone (German)
horn french horn (German)
trumpete trumpet (German)
cornett cornet (German)
posaune trombone (German)
basstuba tuba (German)
pauken kettledrums (German)
kleine trommel snare drum (German)
grosse trommel bass drum (German)
becken cymbals (German)
tam-tam gong (German)
triangel triangle (German)
sylophon xylophone (German)
tamburin tambourine (German)
kastagnetten castanets (German)
glocken chimes (German)
glockenspiel bells (German)
harfe harp (German)
violine violin (German)
bratsche viola (German)
violoncell cello (German)
kontrabass doulbe bass (German)
petite flute piccolo (French)
flute flute (French)
hautbois oboe (French)
cor anglais english horn (French)
clarinette clarinet (French)
clarinette basse bass clarinet (French)
basson bassoon (French)
contrebasson contrabassoon (French)
saxophone saxophone (French)
cor french horn (French)
trompette trumpet (French)
cornet-a-pistons cornet (French)
trombone trombone (French)
tuba basse tuba (French)
timables kettledrums (French)
caisse claire snare drum (French)
grosse caisse bass drum (French)
cymbales cymbals (French)
tam-tam gong (French)
trangel traingle (French)
sylophone xylophone (French)
tambour de basque tambourine (French)
castagnettes castanets (French)
cloches chimes (French)
carillon bells (French)
harpe harp (French)
violon violin (French)
alto viola (French)
violoncelle cello (French)
contrebasse double bass (French)
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