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exam wordly wise

obedient doing what one is asked or told
obstacle something that prevents one from moving forward
companion one who spends time with with or does things with another
compatible getting along well together
pedestrian a person is walking
retire to stop working because one has reached a certain age
aroma a smell or odor, especially a pleasant one
bland lacking a strong a odor
brittle easily broken
clustered a number of similar things grouped together
cultivate to prepare land for the growing of crops
extract to remove or take out
despair to lose hope
deteriorate to make or become worse
gale a very strong wind
jubilation a feeling or expression of great joy
navigate to calculate or direct the movement of a ship or aircraft
nastalgic having feelings of nastalgia
revive to make or become strong again
sever to break off
crevice a deep, narrow crack in a rock caused by a split or crack
foolhardy unwisely bold or daring
lure to tempt or attract with the promise of something good
makeshift a temporary and usually less strong replacement
summit the highest part
thwart to block or defeat the plans or efforts of
vertical running straight up and down
escalate to go up or increase in size or scope
grim cruel
inflict to cause something painful to be felt
meddle to involve oneself in other people's affairs without being asked
steadfast unchanging
ascend to rise, usually in a steady way
flimsy easily damaged or broken
mimic to copy or imitate closely
significant important
soar to fly high in the sky
brace to make stronger by giving support to
exult to be joyful
hangar a building where aircraft are kept and repaired
solo a musical piece for one voice or a single instrument
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