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Med-Surg cards on complications in the lower GI tract for nursing

This is known as inflammation, obstruction or infection of the appendix Appendicitis
A pt with appendicitis is most likely to have which of the following findings? WBC 8000 w/ left shift, WBC 15000 w/ left shift, WBC 8000 w/ right shift, WBC 15000 w/ right shift? WBC 15000 w/ left shift
Which two diagnostic procedures should be performed to diagnose appendicitis? (Imaging) Ultrasound and CT scan on the abdomen
Which intervention is reccomended for a person with appendicitis? Appendectomy
A late sign of appendicits includes pain in the: RLQ, RUQ, LUQ, or LLQ? RLQ
Cramping, not pain, is an early sign of appendicitis? T or F? True
When palpating for appendicitis, the nurs would expect the pt to feel pain as the nurse presses or releases the abdomen? Releases. This is known as rebound tenderness.
Pain increased with cough, muscle rigidity/guarding, and high temp indicate which complication of appendicitis? Perforation or peritonitis
Which of these orders should a nurse question for a pt with appendicitis? NPO, IV hydration, Semi-Fowler's, admin of Milk of mag? Admin of milk of mag. NO LAXATIVES!!!
When is the greatest risk of peritonitis due to perforation from appendicitis? within the first 48 hours.
A person with peritonitis will have an (increased/decreased) urine output? decreased
Which of the following is not a sign of peritonitis? Board-like abdomen, Fever, Dyspepsia? Dyspepsia. The rest are signs of peritonitits
May affect entire GI tract. Crohn's or UC? Crohn's
Sporadic lesions, fistulas, and risk for colon CA. Crohn's or UC? Crohn's
Mostly rectum/distal colon. Crohn's or UC? UC
Continous lesions, less frequent in smokers, risk for colon CA. Crohn's or UC? UC
Which of hte following symptoms is true only of Crohn's? Abdominal pain, distention, fever, or fatty stool (steattorhea)? Fatty stool (Steattorhea). The rest represent Crohn's and UC
A person with ____ has diarrhea 5-10x/day and the person with _____ has diarrhea 15-20x/day. Crohn's, UC.
Weight loss and anorexia are signs of Crohn's and UC. T or F? True
Which of these abnormal labs is specific to UC? Inc. ESR, Inc. WBC, Inc. CRP, Dec. B12? Dec. B12. The other three apply to Crohn's and UC. B12 is normal in Crohn's.
Elytes are (increased/decreased) with Crohn's and UC Increased
Occult Blood Stools are (positive/Negative) with Crohn's and UC? Positive
What is the only way to definitively diagnose Crohn's or UC? (think cancer) Biopsy
The nurse should be aware of s/s such as rigidity, guarding, and fever with UC and Crohn's. T or F? True. These are signs of perforation.
Inflammation of the diverticula is known as Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis
Pain with diverticultitis is normally found in the: RLQ, RUQ, LUQ, LLQ? LLQ
Pt with rebound tenderness is found not to have appendicits. What other disease process could the person be experiencing? (think LLQ) Diverticulitis. Rebound tenderness in the LLQ.
Rectal bleeding is not common in people with diverticulitis. T or F? False
Diverticulitis causes an _____ in WBC and a ____ occult blood test. Increase, positive
Colonoscopy and Barium enema? What's the deal with these I have no freaking idea. Sargsyan says they are contraindicated. Putnam and book says they are used.
For which disease might a patient need a hemicolectomy? Diverticultits
Created by: Blitzkid22