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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
Breast Cancer Breast Cancer care in Nursing: Med Surg Nursing 2016-02-13 Blitzkid22 25 6 edit
Diabetic Drugs Insulin and Oral Drugs used in the Tx of DM 1 & II Nursing 2011-11-15 Blitzkid22 59 2 edit
Thyroid Drugs Synthroid, PTU, Tapazole, Iodide 131 Nursing 2011-11-15 Blitzkid22 29 1 edit
Chemotherapy Chemotherapy Drugs and Common Reactions Nursing 2011-11-15 Blitzkid22 62 1 edit
Anemia Anemia Nursing 2012-10-02 Blitzkid22 31 2 edit
Political Nursing Political Process and Health Policy in Nursing Nursing 2011-11-19 Blitzkid22 23 1 edit
EBP Law & Ethics Legal and Ethical Issues with Research Nursing 2011-11-20 Blitzkid22 65 1 edit
EBP Data Collection Methods of Data Collection in EBP Nursing 2011-11-20 Blitzkid22 86 1 edit
EBP Sampling Sampling Techniques in EBP Nursing Nursing 2011-11-20 Blitzkid22 111 1 edit
Political Nursing II Politics in Nursing Nursing 2011-11-21 Blitzkid22 48 0 edit
GeriDigestion Digestion in the Geriatric Population Nursing 2014-02-22 Blitzkid22 21 2 edit
UTI-Medsurg UTI Med-Surg Nursing Nursing 2014-07-31 Blitzkid22 23 3 edit
BPH-Medsurg BPH Med-Surg Nursing Nursing 2017-02-21 Blitzkid22 48 1 edit
Pyelonephritis-MS Pyelonephritis Med-Surg Nursing Nursing 2011-12-03 Blitzkid22 4 1 edit
GeriElimination Elimiation issue related to Geriatric Nursing Nursing 2011-12-04 Blitzkid22 17 1 edit
GeriLegal Legal Implication in Geriatric Care in Nursing Nursing 2015-11-17 Blitzkid22 17 3 edit
GeriAbuse/Neglect Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly. Nurisng Implications Nursing 2011-12-04 Blitzkid22 16 1 edit
MedSurgCancer Cancer Facts for Medsurg Nursing 2014-04-29 Blitzkid22 45 3 edit
UGI-MedSurg Med-Surg cards on complications in the upper GI tract for nursing Nursing 2017-10-28 Blitzkid22 39 4 edit
MedSurg Review I MedSurg Review Nursing 2014-03-16 Blitzkid22 58 3 edit
MedSurg Review II MedSurg NCLEX review for Immunity Nursing 2012-09-28 Blitzkid22 18 3 edit
Lung Cancer Med-Surg Lung Cancer care in nursing Nursing 2015-10-08 Blitzkid22 35 4 edit
LGI-MedSurg Med-Surg cards on complications in the lower GI tract for nursing Nursing 2018-01-16 Blitzkid22 31 6 edit
Colon CA MedSurg Colon cancer nursing care in Med Surg Nursing 2014-03-16 Blitzkid22 14 2 edit
HIV/AIDS MedSurg Med Surg nursing care of individuals with HIV/AIDS Nursing 2011-12-06 Blitzkid22 6 1 edit
PharmGI A Review of GI drugs in Pharmacology for Nursing Nursing 2011-12-10 Blitzkid22 7 1 edit
PharmGU Drugs r/t BPH and Erectile Dysfunction Nursing 2011-12-10 Blitzkid22 31 1 edit
PharmParkAlz Nursing Pharmacology for Parkinson's and Alzheimers Nursing 2011-12-10 Blitzkid22 2 0 edit
Antidepressants Nursing Pharmacology for Antidepressants Nursing 2011-12-10 Blitzkid22 1 1 edit
Ch. 12 Nsg Lead Organizational Structures Nursing 2012-09-18 Blitzkid22 45 0 edit
Ch. 3 Nsg Lead Modern Leadership and Management Theories Nursing 2012-09-18 Blitzkid22 17 0 edit
Ch. 5 Nsg Lead Legal and Legislative Issues Nursing 2012-09-18 Blitzkid22 30 0 edit
Ch. 23 Nsg Lead Quality Control Nursing 2012-09-18 Blitzkid22 12 0 edit
GRE Word List 2011 GRE Vocabulary GRE 2015-09-13 smasimpsons 969 9 edit
labs to know RN labs to know for class, for NCLEX, for life Nursing 2012-12-06 kerinska 29 4 edit

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