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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer care in Nursing: Med Surg

What is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women? Breast Cancer
What are three steps a woman can take to help prevent and/or reduce mortality r/t breast cancer? SBE, Clinical BE, Mammography
Pt is being evaluated for a genetic link to breast cancer. Which of these people w/ BCA puts her at a higher risk? Mom, Aunt, Grandmother, Sister, Daughter, Cousin? Mom, Sister, and Daughter
At which age should pts start getting annual mammograms? Over 40.
Female that had a late menarche and early menopause is at a higher risk for BCA? T or F? False. Early menarche and late menopause.
Which of these puts a pt at higher risk for BCA? Bone cancer, ovarian cancer, contraceptive use, high-protein foods, alcohol? Ovarian cancer and contraceptive use
Which of these does not increase the risk of BCA? Hormones, Cigarettes, Obesity, Radiation, Pregnancy? Pregnancy
At which point in the menstrual cycle should a mammogram be performed? First two weeks of cycle
Biopsy involving removal of tissue from a breast mass. Incisional or Excisional? Incisional
Biopsy involving removal of mass. Incisional or Excisional? Excisional
What does TNM stand for? Tumor, Node, Metastasis
Changes in the skin that result in an orange peel appearance is known as Peau d'orange
Dimpling and nipple retraction are normal signs of aging r/t the breasts. T or F? False. Signs of BCA.
Breast pain is always indicative of BCA. T or F? False
Inc. Vascularity, ulceration, and englarged lymph nodes are signs of BCA. T or F? True
What basic aspect of nursing care can be applied to all pts following a masectomy? (r/t fluids) I/O
How should a pt post-op masectomy position their arm when laying down? Above or below the heart? Above. Promote venous return.
Name one psychosocial nsg dx r/t masectomy. Disturbed body image
Who should do monthly BSE? Women over 10, Over 20, Over 30, or over 40? Over 20
Can women at high risk for BCA be treated preventatively? If so, what with? Yes. Tamoxifen (SERM)
Post op wound care of a pt who had a masectomy should be done with surgical or clean asepsis? Surgical aspesis
Name 3 post-masectomy interventions r/t affected arm. Support w/ sling while ambulating. lie on unaffected side. No dependent arm positioning.
BP, Blood draws, and shots in the affected arm are ok after masectomy? T or F? False
What should the nurse do if a pt reports numbness, pain heaviness, and impaired motor function in affected arm? Call the physician
What are the most common sites of mets in BCA? Spleen, Kidneys, Bone, Lungs, Bladder, Brain, Skin, Liver? Bone, Lungs, Brain, Liver
Created by: Blitzkid22