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Lung Cancer Med-Surg

Lung Cancer care in nursing

What is the leading cause of cancer related deaths? Lung Cancer
In general, is the focus more on curative or palliative care in lung cancer? Palliative
Which is the most common type of lung cancer? Non-small or small? Non-small lung cancer is the most common.
Which is the fastest growing lung cancer and almost always associated with cigarettes? Non-small or small? Small cell lung cancer is the fastest growing.
What does TNM stand for? Tumor, Node, Metastisis
What is the primary choice of tx for lung cancer? Chemotherapy
Lung cancer is often tx with a combination of chemo & radiation or surgery. T or F? True
What is the greatest risk factor r/t lung cancer? Cigarette smoke
What is an unlikely risk factor of lung cancer? Inhaled environmental irritants
Which diagnositc test is used for the initial identification of a lung tumor? Chest Xray or CT scan
Which diagnositc test is used to visualize the lung tumor? Bronchoscopy.
Which diagnositc test validates cancer dx? Biopsy
Lung cancer is usually recognized fairly early in pts? T or F? False
Why might a pt be experiencing unilateral wheezing? If airway obstructed
A pt has smoked 2 packs a day for 15 years. What are his pack years? 30 pack years
Precautions r/t which body system are of most concern in a pt with lung cancer? Respiratory
Which medication type product should be applied to a person with lung cancer? Oxygen
Which of the following should be included in dietary teaching for a person with lung cancer. High cal, High fiber,low cal, high protein, low fiber, low protein? High cal, high protein.
What teaching should the nurse provide r/t to lung cancer prevention? Smoking cessation
Which position should a client with lung cancer be placed in? Low fowlers, high fowlers, prone, or supine? High-Fowlers
A nurse is most concerned with which conept r/t ABC when caring for a pt w/ lung cancer. Maintain airway!
The removal of lung Pneumonectomy
The removal of a lobe Lobectomy
The removal of a segment of a lung Segmenectomy
Removal of peripheral lung tissue Wedge resection
Post-lobectomy a nurse notices a 3 point drop in hemoglobin. This is likely due to which side effect of this surgery? Hemorrhage
This is a type of oxygen that is diluted with water to keep the mucosa moist. Humidified oxygen
What is the procedure where in fluid is drained form the pleural cavity known as? Thoracentesis
Pressure on the vena cava from a tumor can lead to which complication of lung cancer? Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
Facial edema, tightness of shirt, nosebleeds, peripheral edema, and dyspnea are signs of which cancerous complication? Are they early or late signs? Superior Vena Cava Syndrome. Early signs
Mental status changes, cyanosis, hemorrhage, and hypotension are signs of which cancerous complication? Are they early or late signs? Superior Vena Cava Syndrome. Late signs.
What should the nurse do if a client is experiencing SVC syndrome? Notify the Provider
What should the nurse expect to be done for a client r/t tx, who is experiencing SVC syndrome? Radiation and stent-placement
A pt has metastasized lung cancer to the BONE. What is the nurses primary concern? Fractures. Ambulate carefully.
Changes in mentation, lethargy, bowel and bladder function is a sign of which sort of metastasis r/t lung cancer? CNS metastasis
Created by: Blitzkid22