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Med-Surg cards on complications in the upper GI tract for nursing

Occurs as a result of backflow of gastric and duodenal contents into esophagus. GERD
Characterized by symptoms of heart burn and epigastric pain. GERD
Gerd involves inappropriate relaxation of the LES or UES? LES
Which of these are common s/s of GERD? Incontinence, dyspepsia, hyposalivation, odynophagia, acute chough, N/V. Dyspepsia, odynophagia, N/V. Hypersalivation is common, as well as Chronic cough.
The nurse knows that which of these procedures will not be performed if GERD is suspected. 24-hr ambulatory pH monitoring, EGD, bronchoscopy, or esophageal manometry? Bronchoscopy
What is a priority nsg dx for a person with GERD? Acute pain
Fiber should be avoided in pts with GERD. T or F? False. High fiber is recommened.
A pt complains of GERD exacerbations frequently. He also claims he eats a decent sized dinner before bed each night. How should the nurse respond? Try not eating or drinking two hours before bed. Try to have dinner a couple of hours earlier.
Which of these foods should a person have for a snack if they have GERD? Cheese, chocolate cake and coffee, candy cain, applesauce? Applesauce
What happens to thoe LES with age? Tone decreases
Gastric emptying is sped up or delayed? Delayed
Should the nurse caring for a client with GERD be concerned if there is occult blood or crackles in the lung? Yes. GI bleed and aspiration pneumonia are serious side effects of GERD.
The nurse that which of these pathologic condition can exacerbate GERD? CHF, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Crohn's disease? Asthma
What disorder is known as a malignant change in the epithelium of the esophagus r/t GERD? Barrett's esophagus
Which of these is not a risk factor or condition r/t PUD? H. pylori, NSAID use, hyposecretory states, or stress? Hyposecretory state. PUD generally causes a HYPERsecretory state.
Which of these is a test the nurse would not expect to be performed when testing for PUD? EGD, Barium enema, H. pylori test, occult blood? Barium enema. The other three would be performed is PUD is suspected.
Dyspepsia is a common sign of PUD and GERD. T or F? True
What s/s in addition to dyspepsia does a person with PUD experience? Abdominal tenderness and bloating
Sharp midepigastric pain occuring 30 to 60 min after a meal. Gastric or Duodenal? Gastric
Hematemesis is more common than melena. Gastric or duodenal? Gastric
Buring midepigastric pain 1.5 to 3 hrs after a meal and during the night. Gastric or Duodenal? Duodenal
Melena is more common than hematemesis. Gastric or Duodenal? Duodenal
Pain is often relieved by the ingestion of food. Gastric or Duodenanl? Duodenal
What is a potential complication of PUD? (r/t bleeding) Intravascular depletion and shock
Which of the following is not an appropriate intervention for PUD? Admin saline lavage via NG tube, decrease caffeine, admin blood, dec. stress? Decrease caffeine. Though a dec. in caffeine can help with other GI disorder, it is not specific to PUD.
Is insertion of an IV necessary for a person with advanced PUD? (think bleeding) Yes. Admin of fluids and blood for hypovolemic state
Which labs should be monitored for a pt experiencing hypovolemia r/t PUD? (general, not specific labs) Elytes
Do pts with PUD need special considerations when standing up and ambulating? Yes. Fluid loss leads to orthostatic hypotension
Partial gastrectomy with remaining segment anastomosed to the jejunum. AKA gastrojejunostomy. Billroth II procedure
Which position should a pt post-gastric surgery be place in? Fowlers, Semi-fowlers, low-fowlers, or high fowler's. Semi-Fowlers
Nurse does not need to notify the provider before repositioning or irrigating an NG tube. T or F? False
This is a complication r/t gastric surgery which causes rapid emptying of gastric contents inton SI and vasomotor symptoms. Dumping Syndrome
In dumping syndrome, a(hypertonic or hypotonic) food bolus draws fluid into the SI. Hypertonic
Which of these are signs of dumping syndrome? Syncope, pain in lower abdomen, pallor, palpitations, GI bleed, dyspepsia, headache? Syncope, pallor, palpitations, headache
N/V, dizziness, tachycardia, and palpitations are early or late signs of dumping syndrome? Early. 30 min after meals
Rapid emptying is a sign of early or late dumping syndrome? Early. 30 min after meals
Hunger, dizziness, diaphroeses, tachycardida, shakes, anxiety, and confusion are early or late signs of dumping syndrome? Late. at least 90 min after meal
Excessive insulin is a sign of early or late dumping syndrome? Late. at least 90 min after a meal
Which position should a pt with dumping syndrome be placed in? Fowler's, high fowler's, supine, or prone? Supine
Created by: Blitzkid22