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Cancer Facts for Medsurg

A neoplastic disease process that involves abnormal cellular growth and differentiation. Cancer
Select all that are possible causes of cancer: Bacteria, viruses, HTN, smoking, genetics, hormones, stress. Viruses, smoking, genetics, hormones.
In cancer, this is the invasion of surrounding tissues spread through lymph or blood vessels. Metastisis
Which four systems are most affected by metastisis? Skin, bone, organs, and blood.
Cancer of the epithelial tissue... Carcinoma
Cancer of the glandular organs... Adenocarcinoma
Cancer of the mesenchymal tissue... Sarcomas
Cancer of blood forming cells... Leukemias
Cancer of lymph tissue... Lymphomas
Cancer of plasma cells that affect bone... Multiple myeloma
Chronic GERD can lead to cancer. T or F? True
This diagnostic procedure shows a definitive dx for abnormal cancer cells. Tissue Biopsy
Which lab is done to screen for leukemia? CBC w/diff
What sort of screening or testing is done to visualize tumors, mets, and progression of cancer? Chest X-ray; CT scan; MRI; PET scan.
With a blood draw, elevated values of which chemical are suggestive of cancer? Tumor Markers (CEA, CA 125)
Side effects of this cancer therapy include skin changes, hair loss, and fatigue, and require at least 6 feet of distance after procedure. Radiation tx
Which sort of radiation exposure includes washing and drying skin thoroughly? External
Which radiation exposure forbids the use of powders, ointments, lotions, and perfumes, as well as sun exposure? External
Which type of radiation exposure forbids tight clothing and removal of radiation tattoo? External
Which type of radiation exposure requires a private room, signage on the door, and personnel badges with radiation exposure lvls recorded? Internal
Which type of radiation exposure limits visits to 30 minutes at a distance of 6 feet? Internal
Which type of radiation exposure forbids contact with pregnant women and children? Internal
Which form of cancer tx destroys rapidly proliferating cells? Chemotherapy
Which form of cancer tx causes significant immunosuppression? Chemotherapy
Which pneumonic is used in assessing cancer? CAUTION
C Change in bowel or bladder habits
A A sore that doesn't heal
U Unusual bleeding or discharge
T Thickened or lump in breast or elsewhere.
I Indigestion or difficulty swallowing
O Obvious changes in warts or moles
N Nagging cough or hoarsness
S/s of cancer not mentioned in "caution" include... Weight loss, fatigue, pain, nausea, and anorexia
Pts who have a family history of cancer do not have to be screened more frequently than those without. T or F? False
Pain is a big issue with cancer patients. T or F? True
Nutrient intake does not need to be altered or assessed during care of pts with cancer. T or F? False
Neutropenia can be reduced by simply washing one's hands. T or F? True
Anemia and Thrombocytopenia are potential complications of cancer or cancer treatment. T or F? True
SIADH is characterized by a decrease in _____ and an increase in _____. (carcinomas: lung & brain) Sodium (Hyponatremia); Water (Hypervolemia). Major concern is pulmonary edema.
S/S: neurological changes, back pain, muscle weakness, heaviness in the arms or legs, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, loss of ability to distinguish hot or cold, and unsteady gait. Spinal Cord Compression
Which electrolyte can be produced in excess as a complication of some cancers? (bone metastasis) Hypercalcemia
A pt presents with edema of the face & neck, tightness of the shirt or blouse collar, and difficulty breathing, which complication of cancer is the pt experiencing? Superior Vena Cava Syndrome (common in lymphomas & lung cancer)
Major concern is fatal hemorrhage. Clots block blood vessels and decrease blood flow to major body organs. People bleed out of every oriface of the body. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (leukemia and adenocarcinomas)
Colorectal, breast, lung, pancreatic, and ovarian cancer are more common in older men or women? Women
Lung, colorectal, prostate, pancreatic, and gastric cancer are more common in men or women? Men
Created by: Blitzkid22
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