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Ch 40 legal issues

legal issues, quality assurance, and infection control

an image on a radiograph that is not an actual structure but its caused by the technique artifact
process of informing the patient about a procedure disclosure
permission granted by a patient after being informed about the details of a procedure informed consent
accountable or legally responsible liable
a plan to ensure that the dental office produces consistent, high-quality images with a minimum of exposure to patients and personnel, quality assurane
specific tests used to ensure quaility in dental x-ray equipment, supplies, and film processing quality control tests
device constructed of layered aluminum steps to demonstrate film densities and contrasts stepwedge
an illuminated boxlike device used to view radiographs viewbox
The use of dental x-ray equpiment is regulated by federal and state regulations
Radiation health codes may include regulations pertaining to barriers, film speeds, position of the operator, and film processing
most states have laws that require inspections of dental x-ray equipment on a regular basis, such as every _____years. five
Some states require _________ certification and other states may require an additional examination in order to expose radiographs DANB
Key areas of risk management include: patient consent, patient records, liability issues, and patient education
it is the ___________ responsibility to discuss the need for radiographs and treatment procedures with the patient Dentist
the ___________ may participate in the process of obtaining informed consent dental assistant
before patients can give informed consent they must be provided with : risks and benefits of radiographic procedures, person who will be exposing the radiographs, number and type of radiographs that will be taken, consequenes of not having the radiographs,and alternative diagnostic aids that may provide the same information
if the dentist has not obtained____________ from the patient before exposure of dental radiographs a patient may legally claim_____________ informed consent, malpractice or negligence
documentation of dental radiographs must include what information informed consent, # and type of radiographs exposed, rationale for exposing radiographs,and diagnostic interpretation
radiographs are the property of the _____,even though the ______ or the patients _________ paid for them because____ dentist, patient, insurance company,dental radiographs are a part of the patients dental records
what should be done when a patient requests that their dental radiographs be transferred to another dental office request should be written and signed by patient, dentist should be informed, entry should be made in chart stating when and to whom duplicates were sent.
when patients request radiographs what should never be done never give or send the original radiographs to the patient
if a lawsuit should ocur no defense is possible without what the patients original radiographs
how long should dental radiographs be retained indefinitely
no document can be signed that totally releases the dentist from what liability for treating a paient without taking radiographs
Even if the patient suggests signing a release or waiver that would release the dentist from liability, would be considered invalid if: an injury were to result
legally a patient cannot consent to what negligent care
the dental assistant can explain to the patient________ but can not__________ the importance of radiography in detecting disease and planning treatment, diagnose treatment
The dental assistant can remind the patient that the dose from four bitewing films in about the same as a ___ single day's worthof natural background radiation
intensifying screens inside the extraoral cassette should be checked periodically for dirt and scratches
intensifying schreens should be cleaned_______ with a commercially available cleaner monthly
after cleaning the intesifying screens what should be applied to the screen to prevent static electricity antistatic solution
when doing the coin test what does it mean if the processed film has the image of a coin and a fogged background appear on the radiograph the safelight is not safe to use with that type of film
What is considered the most critical component in the quality control of film processing processing solutions
an easy way to check the strength of the developer solution is to : compare the film densities against a standard ( reference radiograph or stepwedge)
when the fixer is at full strength a film should clear within 2 minutes
during patient preparation prior to exposing radiographs what duties can be performed before putting on gloves adjust chair, adjust headrest, place lead apron, remove personal objects
do you remove lead apron before glove removal or after glove removal after glove removal
your first step in preparation of the operatory is to what identify the surfaces to be covered or disinfected with a high level surface disinfectant
which surfaces are likely to be contaminated during x-ray procedures x-ray tubehead, pid,control panel,exposure button, lead apron, dental chair controls,operatory counter surfaces, darkroom equipment and sleeves on automatic processors
one technique that can be used to minimize contamination of the film packet by saliva is to: place a clear plastic barrier envelope over the film packet
what can be used to stabilize film placement in the patients mouth cotton rolls
when taking radiographs when should you wear a mask and protective eyewear? if ther eis a likelihood that blood or other body fluids may spatter, or if you or the patient has a cough or a cold
what is considered the major source of cross contamination durig radiographic procedures contaminated film packets
immersion of the film packet in a disinfecting solution can result in what the solution seeping into the emulsion and damaging the image
to prevent film fog caused by radiation never place the container filled with exposed films where in a room where additional films are being exposed
exposed films should never be placed where in the operators lab coat or uniform pocket
when processing dental radiographs, you have to recycle the ____ in the film packet as it is considered lead foil, environmental hazard
harm for which a dentist could be held liable may include stress, embarrassment, loss of income and expenses incurred in seeking additional treatment
Created by: cynthia.fryer
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