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Legal Implication in Geriatric Care in Nursing

Which describes Autonomy? A. Personal freedom to direct one's life. B. Fulfill one's role and handle one's affairs. C. Ability to consent or refuse. D. Role of a guardian as it relates to decision making. A
The personal freedom to direct one's own life as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others defines Autonomy
Decision-making capacity is best determined based on which criterion? A. Medical dx on admin? B. Chronological age? C. Ability to understand issues? D. Feelings of the surrogate? C
A person's ability to make a decision should be based on admitting disease processes? T or F? False
Decision-making should be based on careful and detailed evaluation of patient understanding of relevant issues? T or F? True
Which is a limitation of a living will? A. It allows surrogate to manage care? B. It is not a legal document? C. It applies only to terminal illness? D. It cannot be revoked? C
This document is used to dictate health care management when a person has the potential for a broad range of diseases. LW or AD? Advance Directives
This document dictates health care management when a person has the potential only for a terminal illness. LW or AD? Living will
Balancing rights of residents with institutional needs can violate which patient right? Autonomy
What does the 1980 act OBRA oversee? Minimum standards of care in nursing homes. Documented assessments and care plans!!!
Name three benefits of the OBRA legislation. Decreased indwelling catheter use. Reduced restraints. Fewer PUs and dehydration.
What is not an ethical issue in long-term care settings? A. Promotion of self-care? B. Use of physical restraints? C. Refusal of treatment? D. Accommodation of sexual activity A
Half of Americans older than 65 die in hospitals although the majority of older adults state they would prefer to die in their home. T or F? True
Preferences for end-of-life care are not strongly influenced by the availability of resources in the community. T or F? False
Doctor's practice habits, availability of hospice service, and proportion of open hospital beds in community influence care received by patients. T or F? True
Hospice care cannot be provided in the home, freestanding inpatient care centers, nursing homes, or the hospital? T or F? False
Including family members in their loved ones' dying process ultimatly has a positive impact on the experience. T or F? True
Created by: Blitzkid22