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Deciduous I-II

UBSDM 2015 Dental Anatomy

Deciduous Dentition Features I Whiter & More Opaque, Thicker enamel at cervical 1/3. Obvious CEJ (Cervical Bulges) Prominent Buccal Ridges on first molars, Big Pulp Anatomy
Baby Bottle Mouth Severe decay in anterior primary dentition caused from sweet liquids (Milk, Juice, Soda) being given in bottle in the crib at bedtime. Sugars sit on teeth all night.
Deciduous Dentition Features II Short Crown/Root ration, roots are long, Divergent & thin with no trunk on molars. Narrow occlusal table on molars. 1st molars smaller than second.
Deciduous Dentition Enamel Thicker at Cervical 1/3. No mamelons at eruption. Enamel Rods are pointing occlusally. (Permanent rods point to gingiva)
Lettering of Deciduous Dentition A-K right to left maxillary. J-T left to right Mandibular.
Deciduous Dentition - Eruptions Times – Incisors in months Max Central; 7.5 Max Lateral; 9 Mand Central; 6 Mand Lateral; 7
Deciduous Dentition – Eruption Times – Canines Maxillary; 19 months Mandibular; 16 months
Deciduous Dentition – Eruptions Times – Molars in months Max I; 14 Max II; 24 Mand I; 12 Mand II; 20
Deciduous Dentition- Maxillary Central Incisor Facial View – Rounded DI angle, rarely has developmental depressions. Distal Enamel bulge. Crown Shape RECTANGULAR. Lingual View- Big prominent cingulum. Big Marginal Ridges. Deep fossa.
Deciduous Dentition- Maxillary Central Incisor Mesial view-FL > permanent Contact is Mid-Incisal 1/3. Distal View is similar with contact at mid1/3. Incisal edge is ~straight. MD >FL Central Cingulum.
Deciduous Dentition- Maxillary Central Incisor - Root Root Bends lingual then facial. Round. Longer crown length ratio compared to Permanent.
Deciduous Dentition- Maxillary Lateral Incisor Similar to the central incisor - smaller in all dimensions Incisal angles more rounded with the DI much more round than MI IG>MD Roots is relatively longer compared to the crown No lingual pit & lingual anatomy is more prominent than permanent
Deciduous Dentition- Maxillary Lateral Incisor II Mesial View- Contact is junction of middle/incisal 1/3. Facial Bulge & Prominent Cingulum. Lateral view is same and same contact. Incisal – MD>FL Root bends lingual then facial.
Deciduous Maxillary Canine Convex bulge M&D & Cervical Line. Mesial more prominent. MCR>DCR PENTAGON SHAPE crown. Prominent Lingual Features. (May have tubercle) Mesial contact more gingival due to bulge- mid1/3. Incisal View- Distal cusp tip offset. Longer Mesial cusp ridge. FL>M
Deciduous Maxillary Canine – Roots Similar to D.Incisors except they canine’s are longer.
Deciduous maxillary first molar Crown resembles permanent maxillary premolar, but has roots of a molar. Greatest dimension of the crown is BL. Only two cusps are prominent
Deciduous Maxillary first molar Trifurcation of roots. Small or absent root trunk. Lingual view -MD dimension is narrower than that seen in the buccal view. Cervical line is more even
Deciduous Maxillary first molar- Mesial Wider @ Cervical caused by prominent Buccal ridge. Straight Buccal or even concave. Lingual is convex. Narrow Occlusal table. More divergent roots.
Deciduous Maxillary first molar – Distal View More Narrow than mesial. DB cusp > DL Cusp.
Deciduous Maxillary first molar – Occlusal View H Pattern. Four cusps.
Created by: speedy2782