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BPH Med-Surg Nursing

An increase in the number of cells of the prostate tissue BPH
In this disorder the prostate actually enlarges so much that it extends into the bladder BPH
What is the most common treatment of BPH? TURP
Which instrument is used in a TURP to remove the prostate? Endoscope
In BPH, frequency of voiding is increased and amount is decreased. T or F? True
Pts have more or less urge to use the bathroom at night? More urge
Patients become incontinent with BPH? T or F? False. Hesitancy occurs.
Force of stream increases or decreases with BPH? Decreases
Does the bladder become distended with BPH? Yes
What risk is involved with the diagnosis of "Risk for Injury?" Hemorrhage
Interventions included with catheter care for BPH Use cath secure, maintain gentle traction on cath, check for clots, and irrigate bladder (CBI). Keep foley bag empty.
What will a pt feel if the balloon cath is oversized? Continuous feeling of needs to void
Produces prostatic fluid, a component of semen and keeps urine/semen flow in right direction. Prostate
↑ prostate size ↓ testosterone level ↓sperm production ↓ muscle tone: scrotum ↓ size and firmness: testicles. True or false? True
Enlargement of prostate d/t derease of epithelial cells and stromal tissue. True or False? False
Possible causes of BPH due to excessive accumulation of what intra-prostatic androgen? Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)
Known as BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Risk Factors for BPH include family history, diet and ___________. Environment
Diet is a risk factor in for BPH due to increased saturated fats and saturated fats (butter, beef) Obesity
Most common neoplastic growth in aging men 50% occurrence for men over 50 BPH
Aging men more sensitive to effects of DHT, Progesterone ↑ sensitivity of prostate to DHT; (aging ↑ estrogen ratio in men) & local Growth Hormone action cause BPH. T or F False
BPH develops in inner or outer aspect of prostate? Inner aspect
Irritative symptoms include: Urgency, Dysuria, Frequency, Incontinence and ____________________. Nocturia
Obstructive symptoms of BPH include: caliber or force of stream, Terminal dribbling, difficulty initiating voiding and _______________________. Retention
Urine Retention can be acute and severe. True or False True
Bladder calculi Acute urinary retention Hydronephrosis leading to renal failure Septicemia secondary to UTI Urinary tract infections Pyelonephritis BASH UP
Diagnoses of BPG includes: Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) symmetrically enlarged, firm, smooth, Urinalysis with culture Residual urine, Creatinine, PSA and _____________________. Transurethral’/uroflowmetry (TRUS)
International Prostate Symptom Score - Provides a score on voiding symptom severity based on answers to select questions Incomplete emptying Urge to urinate < 3 hrs after voiding. T or F? False
International Prostate Symptom Score -Difficulty postponing urination, Weak stream, Straining to urinate & nocturia True
Watchful waiting’ - active surveillance is a treatment option True
Drug therapy: 5-α- reductase inhibitors & α-adrenergic receptor blockers and Invasive therapy are treatment options for BPH. True
finasteride (Proscar) &dutasteride (Avodart 5-α- reductase inhibitors
A side effect of finasteride (Proscar) & dutasteride (Avodart Iimpotence
Herbal Therapy Saw Palmetto
Required with ↓urine flow to the point of discomfort, persistent residual urine, acute urinary retention, hydronephrosis Invasive Therapy
Perineal prostatectomy may increase risk of impotence/erectile dysfunction (ED) and infection risk increase w/proximity to anus T or F? True
Decrease in urine output/no output, bladder spasms; presence of clots are indicators of obstruction? True
Turp Post Op Complications (PUBID) Pain/bladder spasms Urinary retention Bleeding Infections DVTs PUBID
TURP- transurethral resection of prostate TULIP-transurethral LASER incision of prostate TUIP-transurethral incision of prostate Open prostatectomy Resection or ablation
Strict I & O; record hourly *subtract irrigant infused from total output *difference is “true” urine output. T or F? True
Nurrsing care :Pre-Op includes: restoring urinary drainage , treat infection, education of procedure effects on sexual/urinary function, bowel prep for open prostatectomy & post-op expectations. T or F? True
CBI Continuous Bladder Irrigation CBI
Urine (frankly bloody) & numerous clots Indicators of bleeding with CBI
With CBI, if clots, dark red/bloody: decrease rate of infusion. T or F False
N/V, confusion, visual disturbances, bradycardia, hypertension Hyponatremia, ↓ hematocrit TURP Syndrome
Viagra (sildenafil citrate) Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride) Cialis (tadalafil ED Medications
Headaches, flushing and dizziness ED Meds side effects
1st - check catheter for patency •medications: -Belladonna and opium (B & O) suppository -other analgesics - relaxation techniques/warm clothing Pain/bladder spasms
Created by: Blitzkid22