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UTI Med-Surg Nursing

Which bacteria is the most common cause of a UTI? E. Coli
Pyelonephritis Kidney
Urethritis Urethra
Cystitis Bladder
Prostitis Prostate
Risk factors for UTI include (7 items) Diabetes, Pregnancy, BPH, immunosuppression, Catheters, Urinary retention, elderly women w/ bladder prolapse
Which diagnostic test is used to determine renal function? IVP (Intravenous pyelogram)
Which diagnostic test is used to determine bladder function? Cystogram
Which diagnostic test is used to determine bladder and urethral abnormalities? Cystoscopy
Which diagnostic test is used to collect bacterial cultures? Clean-Catch urine sample (midstream)
Assessment data for a UTI would include... Infection s/s, polyuria, urgency, dysuria, heamturia, CV angle pain, elevated WBC.
WBC > ? = infection 10,000
Nursing diagnosis r/t UTI include... Pain, Impaired urinary elimination, and deficient knowledge
Antibiotics should be used to battle a UTI? T or F? True
Fluids should be decresed to 1000 ml/day or increased to 3000 ml/day? Increased to 3000 ml/day
How often should a pt with a UTI void? Q2-3 hrs
What can the nurse monitor without assistance from any other hospital party? I/O
Pt should stop antibiotics when symptoms subside. T or F? False
How should a female wipe or clean to prevent or control a UTI? Front to back
Should a person shower or bathe more with a UTI? Shower
Should a pt void right before or right after intercourse? After
Pts with a UTI should avoid which type of chemical found in many morning beverages? Caffeine
What is the best way anyone can help prevent a UTI? Good handwashing
Created by: Blitzkid22